Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas: The Ultimate Guide

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How To Plan The Ultimate Fortnite Party

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Looking for Fortnite birthday party ideas? In this detailed guide you’ll learn everything you need to know to throw an epic Fortnite Birthday Party. This guide is broken down into a few sections to help bring some Fortnite fun into all aspects of your party.

  1. Party Decorations
  2. Favor Bags
  3. Party Invitations & Thank-Yous
  4. The Food
  5. The Cake
  6. The Games
  7. The Activities

Party Decorations

If you’re crafty, you can have all sorts of fun making your home look like a temporary bunker.

Add bullet hole stickers to the walls, floor, and furniture; use wooden board decals on your windows and doors to make your home look as though it’s been boarded up, set up supply stations around your home with things like food and ammunition, etc. Put drapes over your windows to darken the gaming atmosphere and play some battle music at the party.

Fortress Placemats – 12in X 18in (Each)

Fortress Rubber Wristbands (Each)

Fortress Stickers (1 Sheet)

Fortress Bookmarks (8 Pack)

Set up signs pointing different directions or designated in different areas of your home to signify the twenty-something drop sites in the game. A few examples are “Loot Lake”, “Dusty Depot”, “Snobby Shores”, “Tomato Town”, “Fatal Fields” and “Dusty Depot”.

Obtaining pre-cut signs at craft or department stores is quite simple. You can buy black signs and write on them with white chalk, or you can create your own simpler signs out of cardboard, markers and wooden stakes.

Fortress Door Signs – 18in X 12in (Each)

Fortress Party Signs – 12in X 18in (Each)

Fortress Latex Balloons (24 Pack)

Police Scene Plastic Ribbon (1 Roll)

The two most prominent Fortnite colors are yellow and blue. Set up your Fortnite party decorations, balloons, streamers and weights in this color scheme. If you decide on solid-color tableware, pepper in some yellow and blue plastic ware, plates, napkins and even cups.

Favor bags, cake frosting, blowouts, party straws, bday banners and many other party items can be color-coordinated to fit your party theme.

Treasure Chest Boxes – 11.75in (Each)

Ninja Katana Swords (Each)

Inflatable Ninja Swords (Each)

Robot Hands (Each)

Favor Bags

Use camouflage or regular black favor bags. Fill them with small goodies such as walkie talkies, plastic dog tags, mini first-aid kits or toy medical supplies, army men with or without parachute attachments, mini car figurines and so on.

Kids will love all the fun little Fortnite party favors they find inside these bags. Most of the aforementioned favors come in bulk packages, making it easy for you to toss several at a time into each party bag.

Camo Party Favor Bags – 10in (12 Pack)

Inflatable Axes – 24in (12 Pack)

Fire Hydrant Molded Cups – 9oz (8 Pack)

Army Men Toy Soldiers (144 Pack)

Party Invitations & Thank-Yous

There are many Fortnite birthday party invitations for saleYou can also create your own with programs like Photoshop, Word or online invitation builders. Some are free, some are not.

Fortress Invites W/Envelopes (8 Pack)

Fortress Thank You Notes (8 Pack)

The Food

Use blue Gatorade as “Slurp Juice”. You can buy glass jars if you like, and even label the jars to go all-out with your theme. Water with blue food coloring can serve as “Shield Potions” and can go in small plastic vials or tubes with caps to liven up the party atmosphere.

Fortress 9oz Cups (8 Pack)

Fortress Drink Labels – Large (2 Pack)

Inflatable Treasure Chest Coolers (Each)

Tacos, ice cream cones and pizza are big foods in the game. It really doesn’t get much simpler than these three key foods!

You can also take make food and snack time extra fun with Fortnite themed plates, napkins, and cups.

Fortress Party Supplies Standard Party Packs (For 16 Guests)

Fortress Dinner Plates – 9in (8 Pack)

Fortress Dessert Plates – 7in (8 Pack)

Fortress Lunch Napkins (20 Pack)

Themed cupcakes would be quite easy to do for this game. Just use mini plastic dog tags, guns, walkie talkies, medical kits, army men and other small toys to add to the top of colored frosting for your cupcakes.

Fortress DIY Cupcake Toppers (24 Pack)

Fortress Cupcake Stands 14.5in (Each)

Army Men Toy Soldiers (144 Pack)

The Cake

Consider a loot chest cake. Your local bakery may have one of these already similar to what you’re looking for, for occasions such as Pirate parties or Mining events. You can also add mini treasure chest party favors on top of the cake and stick them in to a green-frosted cake to make them appear that they’re supply crates fallen from the sky.

A llama cake would also be excellent for a Fortnite birthday party! Anyone who’s played the game will recognize the iconic purple and blue Supply Llama. We have a complete step-by-step Loot Llama Cake Tutorial to help you create your own llama cake.

Theme up a normal, non-shaped cake by adding things such as layers and decorative frosting to create the look of a hill or hard-to-traverse terrain Use small figurines and favors to decorate it, like small blocks, treasure chests, figurines, army men, trees and scenery, military favors and medical supplies.

The Games

Obviously a go-to choice at your event would be hosting Fortnite matches at your party, but if you’d prefer the kids to have more interaction than that of the video game, there are plenty of other Fortnite birthday party games.

Supply the kids with what they need for their own virtual Fortnite match; hide med kits and supply stations around the play area, give the kids squirt guns and toy weapons, and set up the party area to resemble one of the twenty-some locations they can be dropped in the game.

Use sound effects and music to liven up the play. Designate a time for the match to begin and end, and whoever is left standing at the end can be winners or battle it out until there is one victor. Examples for fun toy weaponry could be squirt guns, inflatable swords and hammers, plastic shields, play blow gun sets, Nerf guns and so on.


Squirt Gun Favors (8 Pack)


Dragon Slayer Inflatable Swords (12 Pack)


Inflatable Hammers (3 Pack)


Ninja Blow Guns W/Darts – 17in (6 Pieces)

The Activities

Military face painting could be a fun activity for a Fortnite birthday party.

On the note of painting, if you have an adult artist who’s up to the task, have them paint up the kids as their desired Fortnite character (i.e. human, lizard, etc.).

There are several different types of fun characters in Fortnite. Whomever is painting may want to have some images handy, or compile a small booklet of what the kids can choose from to make sure things don’t get out of hand. One drawback of this is that it can get time-consuming. Perhaps limit one visit per child, painting only the face and arms if they wish.

Another fun idea could be a “supply llama” piñata.

Yes…they’re real in the game. Fill your piñata with medical supplies, potion bottles and other fun goodies for the kids. Similar to the loot crate mentioned earlier in the article, supply llamas can contain things such as toy weapons and ammo, materials like wood and brick, potions, bandages, drinks, ambush items such as campfires and bombs, bushes to hide behind, medkits and grenades. There is hardly a limit to what you can choose to pack in to your supply llama, but the kids will be excited to find it and break it open!

You could also have the kids build their own bunkers with things like pillows and couch cushions, if you’re willing to have your materials a little roughed up!

Provide them with toy weapons and ammo and let them battle it out. Make sure your valuables and breakables are stowed away!

Kids and adults alike love having their photos taken.

Consider setting up a photo booth or station with a fun Fortnite-esque backdrop and some military-style photo props. You can get really creative here; there are many solid little favors and toys you can use to help spruce up the party favors. Have kids hold walkie talkies or toy guns and pose as if they’re in battle. If you’re the crafty type, you can have a few different backdrops to provide different types of photos. Have a willing adult or person run the camera or cell phone and be in charge of distributing the photos once they’re taken. This can be done easily via email or social media, and there are still photo-printing places that will print off your photos into hard copies for a fee. Photos would be fun to include with the party thank-you cards.


Do you have your own Fortnite birthday party ideas that weren’t mentioned? Share your ideas in the comments!

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