Firefighter & Firetruck Party Ideas For Kids

Throwing a birthday party for a young boy can be an exciting, fulfilling experience. However, at times the idea can also get daunting. Moms can sometimes have a hard time connecting with their boy in terms of his interests, as they’re likely quite different than the interests mom had at her boy’s age. Most little girls loved dolls, tea parties and dress-up; boys likely have other interests such as action figures and adventure. Forgive me if I’m being gender-biased here; I speak from my own experience of being able to easily connect with younger girls based on their interests.

One almost universal concept that’s much-loved among young boys is firefighters. And who doesn’t love firemen? There’s action, adventure and intrigue all rolled into one. Who doesn’t want the chance to be a hero?

This is why the concept of becoming a firefighter (or a policeman) is so exciting to a young child. A budding do-gooder, firefighting offers the chance to gear up, get out and save lives.

So if you’re looking for an exciting, easy, budget-friendly birthday concept for your young boy, consider a fire truck birthday party. Below we’ve compiled a list of the very best fire truck party ideas to help guide you in your journey to creating the perfect party for your little one.

Fire Truck Birthday Ideas

The good news for a fire truck birthday is that it’s popular, which means that fire truck party supplies are widely available through many retailers. There are tons of different designs

and concepts to choose from, so you shouldn’t have any trouble picking out the perfect theme for your boy. Below we’ll list some of the most popular fire truck products for each party area.

Fire Truck Party Favors

The fire truck favors we’ve listed here will help fill your goody bags without emptying your wallet. A few of our biggest customer favorites for fire truck party favors are:

Creative Fire Truck Favor Ideas

  • Canine Buddies
    • Give out a Fire Truck Dalmatian to each guest upon departure so each has his very own companion in his future adventures!
  • Fire Station Creation
    • Upon arrival, give one figure of our Fire Station Play Sets to each guest. The kids can all collaborate and build their very own fire station! Afterwards the kids can keep the figure as a little trinket from the party.

Fire Truck Party Decorations

Next on the list of the fire truck party is the decorations. This is probably the most fun part of the event. There are many products available to help you decorate your party, and there are also a ton of fun, easy DIY decorations for a fire truck birthday. Let’s dive in.

A few fun fire truck birthday decorations we offer are:

DIY Fire Truck Party Decoration Ideas

Streamer Fire

DIY Fire Truck Party Ideas

Inspired by this site, a fun DIY fire truck party decoration is a fire made of streamers!



DIY Fire Truck Party Ideas


DIY Fire Truck Party Ideas

1. Choose a starting place in your home for your fire. Cut off an approximate 14-inch piece of orange streamer paper (or whichever color you choose to start with). Begin by taping the bottom of the strip to your starting base. Twist the streamer gently a few times and when you’re happy with the amount of folds, curve the streamer to the left of where you started and tape the top to your wall.

2. Repeat step 1 with red streamer (or the color of your choice), but cut off a 15-inch length.

3. Continue steps 1 and 2 with alternating colors, adding an inch or so to each length until you’re happy with the amount of streamers you have on the left side of your fire.

4. When you reach the middle of the fire, the streamers should pretty much be standing straight up. Subtract an inch or so from the next strip you cut, and lean it to the right when you tape it this time instead of the left.

5. Continue step 4 until your fire contains roughly an even amount of streamers on each side.


DIY Fire Truck Party Ideas

6. Cut off three or four brown streamer strips, about 13.5 inches each in length. Create “firewood” by placing the brown strips randomly at the base of your fire until you like how it looks.


DIY Fire Truck Party Ideas

7. Cut off two strips of black streamer, approximately 1.5 feet each in length. Create an “x” shape with them at the base of your fire.

8. If you think your fire looks a little scarce, you can always add in more streamers to buff it up. Make sure you get a good mix of length and colors for the most authentic look.


DIY Fire Bucket Decorations

Make cool custom centerpieces by creating these simple fire bucket decorations!


DIY Fire Truck Party Ideas


DIY Fire Truck Party Ideas

1. Start by unfolding one napkin and laying it on a flat surface.


DIY Fire Truck Party Ideas

2. Roll the napkin semi-loosely until points are formed at each end.


DIY Fire Truck Party Ideas

3. Cut the napkin in half in the approximate middle; fold up the bottom inch or so of each side so that the napkin will fit inside the bucket better.


DIY Fire Truck Party Ideas

4. Set the napkin halves pointy side up inside the bucket.


DIY Fire Truck Party Ideas

5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 with napkins of alternating colors. Repeat the process until the bucket is full of an even amount of randomized napkins.

Fire Truck Themed Food & Party Table

Another fun area to customize for your fire truck party is the food! You have many options for snacks, meals and drinks. We’ve listed our favorites below.


  • Use Twizzlers as “fire hoses”
  • Make “water buckets” by filling our silver mini buckets with blue Jello or Gatorade
  • Use chocolate donuts as “fire engine tires”
  • Create “matches” with pretzel sticks and red frosting on top
  • Fire engine or fire hydrant shaped cookies


  • Four-alarm chili (recipe here)
  • Meatballs topped with spaghetti sauce
  • Pizza (a success at any event!)
  • Spicy chili mac (recipe here)
  • Grilled hot dogs & hamburgers

Set the Scene

Fire Truck Party Activities

Last on the list of creating your perfect firefighter birthday party is, of course, the activities. There are so many choices here the options can be overwhelming, but it’s usually most helpful to start by narrowing down your possibilities by things like:

  • The age range of your guests
  • The size of your group vs. how much adult assistance you have
  • Your budget
  • Your group’s gender if applicable

Begin picking off options based on the criteria above, and you should have an easier time choosing a few fun, safe ideas that are within your budget and range of possibility. This will take a lot of stress off you and ensure that everyone has a great time. So without further ado, here is our list of top fire truck party activities!

Party Activities

  • Dalmatian face painting
    • If you have a willing, talented adult, line the kids up for some dalmatian face painting! All you need is black and white face paint. For an extra fun effect, hand out dog ear headbands to the kids.
  • Fire truck museum
    • Kids of every age, gender and culture get excited about fire trucks! If you have the means to do so, take your kids on a fire truck museum tour. It will be entertaining, educational and exciting for everyone involved. Most times, the kids will get to go see inside a real fire engine, they may see a simulation of what the firemen do when an alarm sounds, and they may even get to witness a fire hose in action. The down side of this can be that admission can get expensive, and it can be difficult to supervise more than a few kids at a time out in public.
  • Put out the fire
    • Arm the kids with water guns. Construct “fire” using several layers of thick poster board or construction paper and glue it to something like empty or near-empty water bottles to hold it up. Have the kids shoot the fire with the water guns and knock the fire off a ledge or surface onto the ground.
  • Make-Your-Own Dalmatian
    • This craft is super fun and easy for small kids! Simply print out a dalmatian template online and glue the pieces to a toilet paper roll. Trim off any excess paper from the template that doesn’t fit. If you’d like the dalmatian to stand up, glue something such as a toothpick behind all four legs to add support.
  • Relay Rescue
    • Split all the kids up into two teams and have them form a line at a designated starting point. At the opposite end of the play area (such as a back yard), place dolls, stuffed animals or other objects for rescue. You’ll need one object for each person participating in the relay.
    • Add paper flames along the path between the start and finish. The first two players in line have to race to the objects, jumping over or otherwise avoiding the flames as they go. When they reach the object, they must pick it up and race back to the starting line, careful once more not to touch the flames.
    • When the first two players return, the next two in line take their turn, racing to rescue another object from across the flaming play area. The first team to transport all their objects back to the starting line wins the relay.
  • Use Discount Party Supplies for Your Fire Truck Birthday

    We carry a huge line of the coolest fire engine supplies available! Check out our cool fire truck party supplies selection today. Also, don’t forget to have a look at the many other fun articles and great content we have to offer. Have a fantastic birthday celebration, and we’d love to see your pictures! Email your stuff to for a chance to be featured on our Facebook page.

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