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How To Plan The Ultimate Emoji Party

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Looking for Fortnite birthday party ideas? In this detailed guide you’ll learn everything you need to know to throw an epic Fortnite Birthday Party. This guide is broken down into a few sections to help bring some Fortnite fun into all aspects of your party.

    1. Party Decorations
    2. The Food
    3. The Cake
    4. The Games
    5. Party Favors

OMG! It’s time to PAR-TY! You may be someone who laughs or someone who cries about every party detail. Either way, we are here for you with all the tips on decorations, food, cake, and games that you’ll need to make this an awesome party! So, are you ready to plan the most fun party emojinable? Let us help!

Emojis are the new, simple way for people to express themselves. A single character can send a message between friends that says so much. Currently, there are 2,823 emojis and counting. Did you know there were that many symbols for communication? You’ve seen the winky eye, kiss face, and heart-eye emojis, but there are many more for you to feature at your big event!

Note: Here is a list of emojis to get you inspired for the party from emojipedia.com.

Before you can get planning, you need to send out the invites! We have the perfect emoji invitations right here! These postcard-style invites feature 3 emoji faces and offers space to include all your party information. Package includes eight invites and eight envelopes.

Party Decorations

At Discount Party Supplies, we take a party from average to fantastic! And anyone can do it — even if this is your first party you have ever planned! Decorating a party includes so many details. It can feel overwhelming, but we have themed parties on our site with everything you need and even more than you probably ever thought about so that you can take the pressure off and feel 100% confident as the host!

Let’s get decorating!

DIY Emoji Wreath

Picture and tutorial from awwsam.com


      • Foam wreath
      • Vinyl (Choose the following colors: red, pink, blue, white, brown, and black)
      • Clear ornaments in various sizes
      • Yellow spray paint
      • Hot glue gun
      • Scissors


1. Layout the variety of clear ornaments.

2. Spray paint them yellow all the way around. Before placing the vinyl on them, let the paint dry completely.

3. If you have access to a vinyl machine, cut out the faces from the vinyl. Scissors work for this too.

4. Before placing the vinyl onto the yellow ornaments, let the paint dry completely. Then place the faces onto them

5. Once the faces are complete, take the foam wreath and hot glue the ornaments onto the wreath. You’ll want to spread out the large ornaments all around the wreath and then use the smaller ornaments to fill it in.

6. Loop a string at the top to hang on the wall for the perfect Emoji Party decoration!

DIY Cardboard Emoji Faces

Picture and tutorial from: diyinspired.com


      • Variety of sized cardboard boxes
      • Yellow, black and white paint
      • Foam and bristle paint brushes
      • Colored construction paper
      • Black Sharpie
      • Variety of round objects to trace
      • Pencil
      • Glue
      • Scissors
      • Printed Emoji faces


      1. Cut open the cardboard box to lay flat. Paint the entire inside yellow. It may take more than one coat of paint.
      2. Trace a circle using a round object. Bowls, pizza pans, and plates are great for tracing.
      3. Cut the circles out with the scissors and use them as Emoji heads.
      4. Google Emoji faces, print, and cut them out. Then trace around the parts of the cutout faces onto the yellow circles. Use a pencil so you can erase if needed.
      5. Use a Sharpie to outline the shapes and then use paint to fill in the features.
      6. Glue on construction paper for added touches such as the tears for the crying emoji or the heart eyes.
      7. Use these emoji cutouts for party decorations and for props at a photo booth.

When it comes to tableware, keep things simple by purchasing one of our Emoji party packs with everything you need including dinner plates, dessert plates, napkins, and cups. Each pack contains all the basic tableware for up to 16 party guests.

If you’d rather get supplies individually, check out our partyware below:

Emoji Style 16 Ounce Cups

Emoji Drink Labels

Poop Emoji Dinner Plates (8 Pack)

Emoji Dessert Plates (8 Pack)

Maybe the party you’ve been planning is actually a graduation! I mean, there’s not many people who use emojis more than teenagers! An Emoji Graduation is the perfect theme for your upcoming graduate! Check out our special graduation themed supplies here:

1. Emoji Grad Dessert Plates: Give a big smile to your grad with these Emoji Grad Dessert Plates! These stylish paper plates measure 7″ across and are perfect for your celebration. Ideal for cake and party snacks!

2. Emoji Grad 16oz Cups: Give out a fun favor at your teen’s graduation with these Emoji Grad Favor Cups! These sturdy plastic cups hold 16 ounces of liquid and make great table setting decorations and take-home favors

3. Emoji Grad Lunch Napkins: These fun lunch napkins feature a classic emoji symbol and are a great completion to your grad party table.

The tableware is covered, but there is still more to do! You don’t just want your food and drink table to be decorated, you’ll want the rest of your party area to be emoji-themed as well! Check out our decoration options below:

1. Emoji Latex Balloons: These awesome balloons are yellow and feature emoji faces and measure about 12″ when inflated. The balloons come in a pack of 6 and go perfectly with the rest of our Emoji-themed party supplies!

2. Emoji Drink Labels: Our awesome Emoji Party Drink Labels are perfect for an emoji-themed event! Each pack comes with two labels and the phrase “Smile Soda” in two different designs on a yellow background.

3. Emoji Happy/Sad balloon: Are you happy or sad? You can show both with these Emoji Happy/Sad Foil Balloons! These giant balloons feature a happy Emoji on one side and a sad on the other and measure 18″ inflated.

4. Emoji Drink Labels (small): Quench your thirst for “cool” with these Emoji Small Drink Labels! These awesome drink labels feature your favorite Emoji expressions and read “Emotiquencher”. Labels fit easily around 12oz – 16oz bottles so your guests can grab a single size can or water bottle and have it fit the theme of the party! To put on the drinks, simply secure the seams with tape. And don’t worry…ink will not run with moisture!

5. Emoji 7-Piece Decorating Kits: Put smiles on all around at your party with this Emoji 7-Piece Decorating Kit! This cool kit includes everything you need to turn your home into an Emoji paradise. Each kit comes with: 1 flag banner, 4 Emoji hanging swirls, and 2 Emoji centerpieces. With this kit alone, your party will be decorated and ready to go!

For an awesome featured wall backdrop sure to make your guests LOL!, grab some of our yellow paper plates and decorate a wall with DIY Emoji faces like the picture below! HBD?

2. The Food

Now it’s time for food! This is typically your party guest’s favorite part of the party! You’ll want to have food that’s not only delicious, but that also fits the theme! You’ll want healthy AND sweet choices! So let’s get planning…

Let’s start with a healthy option!

Clementines: Check out this creative idea to turn clementines into emoji characters from Wooloo.ca.

For an easy tutorial, watch the video below:

Now it’s time for sweet…

Emoji Pudding Cups: Take lemon or vanilla flavored pudding cups, make emoji faces on them and stack them up at your food table for an easy-to-grab food option!

What you’ll need: 

  • Lemon or Vanilla Pudding Cups
  • Foam Sheets or Construction Paper – Dark Brown, Black, Red, and Pink are great starter colors.
  • Glue or Glue Dots
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Googly eyes. (You can make these with foam or construction paper instead).

3. The Cake

There are so many awesome inspired Emoji cakes to put on our dessert plates! Check out a few below for inspiration:

If you want a simpler look, you’ll love this cake from sugarhero.com!

If you’re wanting to get a cake made and need a good reference for an extravagant look, check out this cake from thepartyparade.com! WOW!

Brownies: If you want to please the “party poopers,” try these poop emoji brownies!

Photo from: livinglocurto.com

Check out the tutorial from the Poop Emoji Brownies below:

Cupcakes: And of course, we can’t forget the classic cupcake dessert! So many are doing poop emoji inspired cupcakes, but if you’re not into that, check out our Emoji DIY cupcake toppers to dress up the top of plain iced cupcakes!

Assembly Instructions:

  1. Place the included backing paper on a clean, flat surface.
  2. Place the top of the lollipop stick at the approximate center/middle point of the colored backing paper. This should leave the top half of the backing paper above the lollipop stick and the bottom half of the backing paper behind the top part of the lollipop stick.
  3. Remove a sticker from the sticker sheet and apply the sticker over the lollipop stick. Press down firmly and smooth out the length of the sticker to ensure that the sticker and backing paper are secure. This should leave the sticker and backing paper tightly wrapped around the lollipop stick.
  4. Stick the cupcake picks in the top of your cupcakes, serve and enjoy!

Don’t forget to display your cupcakes or brownies on our white tier cupcake stands!

These stands hold between 16 and 24 cupcakes depending on cupcake size. There is assembly required, but it’s simple and easy to do! Though this stand is reusable, don’t put it in the dishwasher. Use a rag to wipe it down.

Measurements are as follows:

  • 1st Tier: 7.9in
  • 2nd Tier: 9.9in
  • 3rd Tier: 11.9in
  • Height: 14.5in
  • Base Width: 10.5in

Assembly Instructions:

1. Each cupcake stand comes with 5 pieces: 2 pieces to form the stem and 3 tiers. The largest tier goes on first, then the middle-sized tier, then the smallest tier.
2. Using the 2 stem pieces (the pieces with arms), set the shorter piece inside the longer piece. The base should have an “x” shape and should stand on its own.
3. Take the largest tier and align the slits in the middle with the “x” shape of the stem. Push the stem through the slits in the tier and carefully guide the tier down until it sits on top of the base’s bottom legs.
4. Take the middle-sized tier and align the slits in the middle with the “x” shape of the stem. Push the stem through the slits in the tier and carefully guide the tier down until it sits on top of the middle set of stem arms.
5. Take the smallest tier and align the slits in the middle with the “x” shape of the stem. Push the stem through the slits in the tier and carefully guide the tier down until it sits on top of the top set of stem arms.
6. Your cupcake stand should now look like pictured product. You can place up to 24 cupcakes on a stand at once. It’s easiest to fill from bottom to top; place cupcakes across from one another as opposed to straight up one side to avoid the cupcake stand tipping from uneven weight.

Photo from: celebrateeverydaywithme.com

Take a pastry bag and decorating tip and swirl chocolate frosting on top of a cupcake. Then add candy eyes and you have the perfect poop emoji cupcake!

The Games

Your guests will want to be entertained at the party, and food alone just won’t cut it. Make sure you have plenty of planned activities for your guests to enjoy! We have great ideas listed below, so take a look or share with us some of YOUR ideas!

Music is a great way to stimulate another sense at the party (hearing). We have an Emoji-themed playlist listed below:

      1. Gotta Be Yourself (Mama Always Said) by: Danger Twins
      2. PushPlay by: Six John
      3. We’re Not Gonna Take It by: Twisted Sister
      4. American Made by: Ellem
      5. PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen) by Pikotaro
      6. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by: Wham
      7. Feel This Moment (feat. Christina Aguilera) by: Pittbull
      8. Disco Inferno by: The Trammps
      9. Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix Radio Edit) by: Omi
      10. Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae) by: Silento
      11. Whistle (While You Work It) by: Katy Tiz
      12. Bubble Butt (feat. Bruno Mars, Tyga & Mystic) by: Major Lazer
      13. Fireball (feat. John Ryan) by: Pitbull
      14. Good Vibrations by: Ricky Reed
      15. Emoji by: Patrick Doyle

Color Your Own Emoji Mask:

Give a fun party activity to the kids with these Color-Your-Own Emoji Masks! These fun masks come in assorted styles and measure 7″ x 7″ with an elastic strap. Lay these masks out on a table with crayons, markers, glitter, feathers, and any other craft items that your kids can add to make these masks their own!


Pin the sunglasses on the emoji:

This is similar to pin the tail on the donkey, except it’s emoji style! This cool game will give guests a great laugh! Just hang up the “Pin The Sunglasses On The Emoji” sign and then pass out sunglasses to each guest. If there’s not enough to go around, make a few extra sets with black construction paper. Write the names on the back so that guests know which one was there’s. Put a blindfold on each participant, twirl them around, and then see how close they can get the glasses on the emoji face.

Emoji Slime:

Picture and emoji printable for slime from: littlebinsforlittlehands.com


  • Glue (1/2 Cup)
  • Liquid starch (1/4 Cup)
  • Water (1/2 Cup)
  • Yellow food colors
  • Measuring cups
  • Mix container
  • Stirring spoon
  • Small jars to store slime


1.  Combine 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of glue into a bowl and mix well.

2. Add yellow food coloring to the mix. Start slow and add more for a brighter color if needed. If you want, you can even add glitter to the slime!

3. Now it’s time for the liquid starch. Pour in 1/4 cup of the liquid starch. This is when you’ll see the slime take formation. Stir it until it’s one big goop of slime with no liquid remaining.

4. Knead the slime so that it’s less stringy and has a smooth slime-like consistency. Place in a clear container and let set for a few minutes before playing with it.


Set up a photo booth and use our photo props to help your guests create great memories! You can even have an area set up with leftover yellow plates from your emoji backdrop and have a DIY photo prop making area. Your guests can design their own emoji face and then glue the plate to a wooden craft stick. Of course, you can also use that masks that I mentioned above to wear in the photo booth as well!


Party Favors

At the end of the party when all of the games have been played and guests have enjoyed the sweet treats and finger foods, don’t forget the party favors! We have many to choose from such as stickers, bracelets, sunglasses, bounce balls, and more!

Emoji Party Stickers – (24 Pack)

Emoji Puffy Stickers – 1 Sheet

Emoji Stampers

Fuzzy Slap Bracelet

Poop Emoji Blowouts

Emoji Pencils (8 Pack)

Emoji Wristbands (4 Pack)

Emoji Tattoos

1. Emoji Party Stickers: Express yourself with these Emoji Stickers! These fun stickers come in 8 designs and your guests will love choosing their favorites.

2. Emoji Puffy Stickers: Choose your mood with these Emoji Expressions Puffy Stickers! These cool stickers come 24 to a pack and feature your favorite well-known Emoji expressions.

3. Emoji Stampers: Stamp on your face with these Emoji Stampers! These cool stampers come in assorted colors and designs you will love!

4. Emoji Fuzzy Slap Bracelets: These Emoji Fuzzy Slap Bracelets are sure to be a hit at your party! These cool bracelets feature a polyester covering for extended comfortable wear. You can count on this size fitting most!

5. Poop Emoji Blowouts: Add these Poop Emoji Blowouts to your supplies for a fun twist on your event! These fun blowouts come in assorted styles and are great party favors. They come in a pack of eight!

6. Emoji Pencils: These emoji pencils come in packs of 24 and are #2 led.

7. Emoji Wristbands: These Emoji Rubber Wristbands are the perfect accessory for your Emoji Party! Featuring four different styles and colors, these cool wristbands are one-size-fits-most.

8. Emoji Tattoos: Wear your face on your sleeve with these Emoji Temporary Tattoos! Each sheet includes six tattoo designs that apply and remove easily with warm water. Tattoos last about 7 – 10 days. Package totals 24 tattoos.

Fill all these favors into the many options we have for party favor bags!

Poop Emoji Favor Bags – 6.5″ x 9″ (8 Pack)

Emoji Favor Bags – 6.5″ x 9″ (8 Pack)

Emoji Goody Bags – 5.5″ x 3.25″ x 11″ (12 Pack)

Emoji Tote Bag – 13 in – (Each)

We hope this article has given you some ideas on hosting your Emoji party. Check out ALL of our Emoji party supplies here, and head on over to our blog for more great party ideas.

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