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Looking for Gender Reveal party ideas? In this detailed guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to throw an epic Gender Reveals Party. This guide is broken down into a few sections to help bring some fun into all aspects of your party.

  1. Party Decorations
  2. Favor Bags
  3. Party Invitations & Thank-Yous
  4. The Food
  5. The Cake
  6. The Games

About ten years ago, you either announced the gender by posting an image of your ultrasound and stating the sex of your child or you just waited until you went through the pain of giving birth.  Nowadays, you will literally see the craziest gender reveals like one that includes alligators (no thanks!) People have come up with the most creative gender reveals I’ve ever seen and there are new ones being posted on all social media platforms every day!

We’ve come up with a list of ideas that you can use for your gender reveal that aren’t so extreme (or dangerous) but are just as much fun! Feel free to change up things that we’ve done and put your own twist on them!

Many people use social media to announce the gender of their baby. It spreads like wildfire and it’s an easy way to share! Expecting parents take a fun photo, post it, and voila! But where is the fun in that? You can’t see those epic reactions of family and friends that way and only can read the comments. A reveal where you can celebrate with those you love is a great option if you so choose! So plan a gender reveal party!

You may have already decided you wanted a gender reveal party from the start. So when should you have a gender reveal party? The parents are usually able to determine the sex of their baby from an ultrasound done around 17-20 weeks into the pregnancy. It’s usually too hard to determine the gender earlier than that. Once the gender is determined, the gender reveal party should be scheduled for soon after. If parents aren’t ready to announce quite yet, then it’s possible to wait until closer to the baby’s birth to do the reveal if desired. If you are the planner of the party for friends of yours, find out the date of the ultrasound and then plan the date accordingly.

1. The Party Decorations

The decorations at a gender reveal party put the focus on the colors that usually represent each gender: blue and pink. Everything you see will be blue vs. pink! Think: balloons, streamers, food, tableware, etc.

To start, your party needs a focal point. This will usually be the food table. But don’t just think about the table itself, create a backdrop for the table that decorates the wall behind it! One way to do this is to dangle pink streamers behind half of the table and then blue streamers behind the other half. And at the top, put blue and pink balloons so you cant see the end of the streamers.

You can drape a banner across the streamers or create your own saying using big letters on pieces of construction paper to make a DIY banner!

These are some fun sayings to include at the party depending on your party’s theme:

Old Wives Tales

Have a board set up with all of your answers to the Old Wives Tales and then a place for guests to guess if the baby is a boy or girl based on the answers.

Photo from: bestbabyshowerideas.net

A few wives tales to include are the following examples:

Baby’s Heartrate: Girls are known to have faster heartbeats than boys. If the heart rate is above 140 bpm, it means you’re having a girl. If the heartbeat is lower than 140 bpm, it usually means it’s a boy.

Ramzi Method: This method is said to be 95% accurate. Early ultrasounds can show which side of the uterus the baby is attached to. That side is where the placenta forms. If the baby is on the left side, it means the baby is going to be a girl. If the baby is attached on the right side then the baby is a boy. You can only tell this in a transvaginal ultrasound. If the early ultrasound is done abdominally, flip the results! If the baby is on the left it’s a boy. If it’s on the right, it’s a girl! (Only include this wives tale if you had an early ultrasound).

Feel of Your Skin: A boy is said to give you dryer skin. Feeling oily? It’s said to be a girl because girls bring out all the oil! Which one are you?

Baking Soda Test: This test is said to be about 80% accurate. (That’s pretty good odds!) Take two tablespoons of baking soda and mix it with a little bit of your urine in the morning. If the solution fizzes, that means you are having a boy. If the baking soda remains flat, you are carrying a girl.

The “Glow”: Do people recognize your pregnancy glow? Are you receiving glowing compliments? You may just be having a girl! (Remember how it’s said girls make you oily? Well, that “glow” may just be some extra oil!)

Pregnancy Acne: Along with the oily glow, it may cause breakouts! If you are experiencing pregnancy acne, it’s said to be a girl. There’s a reason they say having a girl “steals your beauty.”

The Linea Nigra: Have you ever seen those moms who end up developing a dark line down the center of their belly? The line is quite common and called The Linea Nigra. If the line continues above your belly button, you’re having a boy. If it finishes below your belly button, you are said to be having a girl.

Hair: Remember how we said girls steal your beauty? It’s true for hair too! If your hair becomes thick and glossy, it’s a boy. If your hair becomes dull and limp, it’s a girl.

Body Hair: Just like the hair on your head, if your body hair is growing faster and thicker than ever, you’re said to be having a boy. If your body hair growth has remained normal, it’s probably a girl.

Cravings: Salty vs sweet cravings are a sign of gender. Can you not stop eating candy or other sweets? It’s probably a girl! If it’s salty foods you crave, it’s more likely to be a boy.

Baby Weight Placement: Are you carrying all of your extra weight out front, you may have a boy on your hands! If those pregnancy pounds are piling on all over, you might be expecting a sweet little girl! (Why do the girls get all the unwanted signs?)

Feet: A bad case of cold feet might mean you are expecting a boy. If your feet are as warm as ever, you might be carrying a girl. (This doesn’t count if you are wearing socks or slippers. The warmth has to be a natural warmth while you are barefoot).

Foot Growth: Have you been pregnant and convinced yourself that your feet grew? You are not crazy if you had a boy! It’s said a baby boy adds a half size to your feet — a great excuse to buy new shoes! A girl keeps your feet in your current shoes!

Wedding Ring Test: This test has been around for a long time, but typically not very accurate. Oh well, this is less about accuracy and more about fun guessing! So, if you have a wedding ring, take it off and attach it to a piece of string. Lie down and have someone dangle the ring over your belly. If it starts moving in circles, you are having a boy. If it moves from side to side, then you are having a girl.

Breast Size: It’s common for a woman’s breasts to not be the exact same size. If a pregnant woman’s right breast is larger than her left, it is assumed that the baby is a boy. The other way around is a girl.

Dark Areola: Hormones from pregnancy can cause the area around your nipple to expand and darken. If your areolas are darkening, you are carrying a boy. If there is no color change and they stay the same color, it’s a girl.

Carrying High vs Low: So many strangers often comment on how high or low a pregnant woman is carrying because they usually think it reveals the gender! Of course, you can’t usually tell until after four months of pregnancy. If the baby belly is low, it’s said to be a boy. If the belly is higher, it may be a girl!

Sickness: This one is hard to know because many people have different perceptions on sickness in relation to gender. It can be read in different ways because some say that any nausea at all means girl while others say that actual vomiting means girl and only being nausea means boy. You can decide how you want to “read” this one.

Headaches: Extreme headaches while pregnant are said to mean you are carrying a baby boy. No really bad headaches means a girl is on her way!

Sleeping: Falling asleep on the left side means you are carrying a boy, the right side is a girl.

Moody vs Mellow: If you’re feeling more moody than content, you might be having a girl. If you’re more chilled out and calm, you should get ready for a boy.

Clumsy vs Graceful: If you are clumsier than usual and feel off-balance, you may be carrying a boy. If not and you feel normal, then it’s likely a girl! (So they say *wink*).

Urine Color: If your urine is a brighter yellow than normal, it’s said to be a boy. Although, your prenatal vitamin may be the cause of this too.

Nail Growth: Do you feel like your nails are looking better than ever — growing faster, thicker and stronger? You may be carrying a boy. If they are breaking easier than normal, think girl. Again, girls just seem to have all the negative symptoms!

Absurd Pillow Direction: We have mostly talked about body signs, but even the direction your pillow faces can predict the sex of your child. If your pillow is North facing, the baby is said to be a boy while a South facing pillow is a girl. And no, you can’t just move your pillow that direction to sway the gender!

Heartburn: Many hear that heartburn means a head full of hair, and for some, it may, but some say that it also means you’re having a girl.

The Garlic Test: This one could be fun for someone who likes garlic! If you’re able to eat a lot of garlic but not smell like it, apparently that means you’re carrying a girl.

The Eye Test: They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Well, in this case, the eyes may be the window to the gender! Look in the mirror for about a minute. If your pupils are dilating, it means you’re having a boy.

The Mayan System: There’s a Mayan legend that says that the Mayans determine a baby’s sex by looking at the mother’s age at conception as well as the year of conception. If both of the numbers are even or both of the numbers are odd, it’s a girl. If one is even and the other is odd, it’s said to be a boy.

Have a section of the party where people can guess “girl or boy” and then put on a colored necklace according to the guess!

Welcome Sign: Guess The Gender

Photo from: pickingpeanuts.com


  1. Gender Reveal Dinner Plates – 9in: Girl or boy? Boy or girl? Keep your guests guessing with these Gender Reveal Dinner Plates, adorable pink and blue plates that keep that question at the forefront of their minds. These square paper plates measure approx. 9 inches across. There are 8 plates per pack!
  2. Gender Reveal Dessert Plates – 7in: Should you choose a pink dessert… or a blue one? See if your guests choose right with these adorable Gender Reveal Dessert Plates, featuring the question on everyone’s minds: “Boy or Girl?” These square paper plates measure 7 inches. There are 10 plates per pack.
  3. Gender Reveal 9-Oz Cups (8 Pack): Our fun Gender Reveal Cups are made stronger and sturdier than most other brands, making them easy to reuse instead of throwing away after one use. Per the industry standard, each cup holds roughly 9 ounces of hot and cold liquids. There are 8 cups per pack!
  4. Gender Reveal Lunch Napkins: Questions, questions… keep them guessing with these Gender Reveal Lunch Napkins at your baby shower, featuring the ultimate question: “Boy or girl?” There are 20 napkins per pack!
  5. Gender Reveal Table Covers – 54in X 84in (Each): Your guests can look all the way around the table, but the secret is yours to keep or share with these Gender Reveal Table Covers, featuring pink and blue designs with the question everyone wants to know: “Boy or girl?” Plastic table covers measure approx. 54″ x 84″.
  1. Gender Reveal Mini Honeycomb Decorations (4 Pack): Add 6 more inches to the suspense of not knowing the gender with these Gender Reveal Mini Honeycomb Decorations! These 6″ decorations are perfect for any flat surface, whether it’s the main table or shelves and side tables in the party area.
  2. Gender Reveal Foil Banners – 12ft (Each): The question goes back and forth among the guests, and it will in your decorations too, when you add this Gender Reveal Foil Banner to your baby shower supplies! Each 12-foot foil banner features a repeated design of question marks and “Boy or Girl?”.
  3. Gender Reveal Danglers (3 Pack): Our danglers are stronger and sturdier than other party brands. Made with high-quality products, this decor can be used again and again. They are simple to hang––just use tacks or tape to get the perfect look. When you’re done, simply take down and place in a bag for your next party!

The Food

Most gender reveal parties do not have full meals. Of course, you can if you want! However, finger foods and desserts will be just fine for your gathering. Try to stick to the theme by having a lot of “pink vs. blue” food options! They will go great with the party decorations and tableware. Check out some tips for food to make for the party below:

Gender Reveal Cookies

There are numerous food-related gender reveals but some may take you up to your due date to complete. These gender reveal cookies are super cute and easy to make.


  • Dough for sugar cookies (you can use any recipe for this)
  • Food coloring or colored frosting
  • White icing and frosting
  • Sprinkles


  1. Preheat oven to 375F and line a sheet with parchment or silicone mat
  2. Mix together all your ingredients for your sugar cookie and gather all the dough into a ball
  3. Remove 1/2 cup worth of dough from the large dough ball and place it into a bowl
  4. Add food coloring/colored frosting to the mini dough ball and knead until the color is uniform
  5. Keep the colored dough separate from uncolored dough
  6. Take 2-3 tbs worth of uncolored dough and flatten it out using the palm of your hand
  7. Take 1 tsp of colored and roll it into a ball shape
  8. Put the colored dough ball in the center of the flattened uncolored dough and wrap the plain dough around the colored ball until completely covered. Roll into a ball without mixing the two
  9. Place the dough ball on your cookie sheet and gently flatten with your hand. Repeat with the rest for the rest of the cookies
  10. Bake for 10-12 minutes and remove the cookie sheet from the oven and gently remove cookies and place on a cooling rack
  11. Allow cookies to cool
  12. Frost your cookies with white frosting or icing and immediately add the sprinkles on top

P.S. you can package these in little bags and fold card stock over the bags and staple personalized messages for guests to take home.

Gender Reveal cupcakes

Photo from: spaceshipsandlaserbeams.com

What a better way to reveal the gender at a party than to do it with cupcakes? Everyone loves cupcakes and if they don’t I’m not sure why you’re friends with them… just kidding! You can have your party guests bite into these cupcakes at the same time for the big surprise!

Ingredients for cupcakes:

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 cup softened butter
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2.5 tsp vanilla
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 2 Tbsp blue and pink sprinkles

Ingredients for icing:

  • 2 1/4 sticks butter (18 Tbsp)
  • 4 cups powdered sugar
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 4 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3 Tbsp milk


  1. Preheat the oven to 375F and line a cupcake pan with liners.
  2. Prepare your cupcake mix and fill each liner 1/3 full.
  3. Bake 20-25 minutes.
  4. Make the icing in a small bowl.
  5. Next is the secretive part. Make sure no one sees you! Place 1/2 cup of the plain icing in a small bowl. Stir in a small amount of blue or pink gel food coloring until the icing is the desired color.
  6. Put the colored filling in a small Ziploc bag and make sure it is completely sealed.
  7. Cut a small hole on the top right in the center of the cupcake. This will be filled with blue or pink icing. Fill the hole with the correct colored icing and then cover it again with the cupcake piece that you cut out. No one will be able to know what color is hiding inside and will only see it when a bite is taken!
  8. Cut the corner off your bag and squeeze about a tbsp of fillings into the middle of cupcakes.
  9. Cover the fillings with the remaining cake batter.
  10. After the cupcakes have cooled, put white icing on the top and sprinkle blue and pink sprinkles over them.

Donut Wall

Photo from: Instagram

How cute is this donut wall? Have guests choose a donut based on the gender they think the baby is and then see which side has the most donuts missing! This will tell you what everyone is thinking and then soon they will find out if the gender they guessed is right or wrong!

Cake Pops

Photo from: twotwentyone.net


• cake mix plus whatever ingredients are listed on the box (funfetti is a great option for a cake that most everyone loves!)
• 1/3 cup icing
• Candy Melts (available at most craft stores)
• 6-inch lollipop sticks (available at most craft stores)
• sprinkles (optional)


  1. Prepare a boxed cake mix however the directions on the box say to do so.
  2. Let the cake cool after it is baked.
  3. Take the cake out of the pan and crumble the cake into fine crumbs with your hands in a large bowl. This can be fun but messy!
  4. Once the cake is crumbled up, mix in about 1/3 cup of icing into the bowl with your hands until the cake crumbles are coated.
  5. Scoop out the mixture using cookie scoop. Pack the cake mixture into the scoop as you scoop it so that it’s a solid ball of round cake.
  6. Go a step further and empty the cookie scoop mixture in your hand to pack it tightly into a ball.
  7. Roll it into a nicely shaped ball.
  8. Repeat these steps to make balls out of the remaining mixture.
  9. Put about 5 Candy Melt morsels into a microwaveable bowl. Melt them in the microwave. Be sure you are using the same color for each batch.
  10. Put a stick into each cake pop ball.
  11. Dip your cake pop stick into the melted Candy Melt. Quickly stick it into a cake pop at least halfway down.
  12. Repeat with all of the remaining cake pops.
  13. Set the cake pop sticks onto a cookie tray.
  14. Freeze them on the tray in the freezer for about 15 minutes.
  15. Put more Candy Melts into a microwaveable mug.
  16. Melt the Candy Melts as directed on the package.
  17. Dip the cake pop into the mug to evenly coat the outside of the cake pop.
  18. Let the coating drip off.
  19. Place cake pop on cookie sheet.
  20. To add sprinkles, be sure that the cake pop does not dry yet. Dip the wet coating directly into the sprinkles and then sit on cookie sheet to dry.
  21. Repeat for all the remaining pops.

3. The Cake

The cake is a great way to do the gender reveal. Have the cake decorated with both pink and blue on the outside and have the inside hold the big reveal! Some like to dye the actual cake itself, some use icing, and others use colored candy! Gather the guests around the cake and have the parents-to-be cut into it. The inside will be pink or blue! Get ready for a big CHEER after you cut the cake!

Photo from: evolvingtable.com


Buttermilk White Cake

  • 1 ½ c butter melted
  • ½ cup oil
  • 4 cup sugar
  • 6 eggs
  • 2 ½ tsp vanilla
  • 2 ⅔ cup white rice flour
  • 1 ⅓ cup tapioca starch
  • 2 tsp xanthan gum
  • (Or 4 c. all-purpose flour instead of the above 3 ingredients)
  • 2 ½ tsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 cup buttermilk
  •  cup milk

Buttercream Frosting

  • 1 cup butter
  • 12 cup powdered sugar
  • 2 egg white
  • 7-8 Tbs milk
  • 4 tsp vanilla, clear
  • 1 tsp salt
  • Food coloring


For the Buttermilk White Cake:

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. The ingredients listed above are for a 4-layered cake. If you have a bowl that fits 12 cups of ingredients, go ahead and make this batch. However, if you do not, then you will want to halve the ingredients and make two batches.
  3. Combine the butter, oil, and sugar into a large bowl. Use a mixer on high or medium speed to be sure everything is mixed very well.
  4. In a separate bowl, combine white rice flour, tapioca starch, xanthan gum, baking powder, and salt. Add in about 1 cup of dry ingredients to the butter/sugar bowl at a time and continue to mix. Don’t add all the dry ingredients quite yet. Mix for around 30 seconds with each cup.
  5. One at a time add eggs and mix well after each addition. Add in vanilla.
  6. Add in remaining dry ingredients as well as the buttermilk and milk. Alternate starting and ending with dry ingredients. You will want the batter to be light and fluffy, so continue beating all the ingredients together.
  7. We said it’s going to be a four-layered cake, so take four well-greased 9-inch round cake pans and fill with even amounts of cake batter. Bake for 25-30 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.
  8. Let cool for 5-10 minutes before taking the cakes out of the pans. It’s important that the cakes maintain their circular shape and that the edges don’t stick to the pan. So be careful to really release the edges before pouring out the cakes.

For the Buttercream Frosting:

  1. Combine the cream butter, 4 cups of powdered sugar and egg whites in the bowl of an electric mixer. If you don’t have an electric mixer bowl, then use a hand mixer.
  2. Alternatively, add 2 cups of sugar and 2 tablespoons of milk until all sugar is added.
  3. Add in vanilla, salt, and food coloring, if desired. Frost cake using icing bags to create designs.

To make the Gender Reveal Cake

(The following instructions are from evolvingtable.com. See their website for tutorial pictures to follow along!)

  1. Cut out a 3-inch round circle from the center of 3 of the layers. (You should have one layer remaining that is intact with no hole cut out.)
  2. Using the first batch of white frosting, frost the three, donut-hole shaped cake layers together. Make sure to save enough frosting to frost the top of the fourth layer and the sides of all four layers.
  3. Fill the hole all of the way up with M&Ms according to the color of the gender! Put 4-5 toothpicks throughout my cake at this point to stabilize the layers. I kept them away from the front so when they cut into it, the toothpicks wouldn’t show.
  4. Place the fourth layer that doesn’t have a hole on the top and frost all sides with the remaining white frosting. The sides may look a bit messy, depending on your design for the top. When the final layer is on top, place more toothpicks to hold it all together.
  5. Make the second batch of frosting and then split the batching of icing into two bowls. Color half pink and half blue. Use the color icings to decorate the cake however you choose.
  6. When you cut into the cake, watch the M&Ms pour out and reveal the baby’s gender!

4. The Games

There won’t be a lot of games at a gender reveal unlike most parties. The highlight “game” or activity will be the reveal of the gender! After all, that’s why everyone is there! They want to know whether or not to expect a sweet boy or girl! So, below are some awesome gender reveal ideas to pick from when planning your party! You can’t go wrong with any of these ideas! Your guests will love the creative way of finding out such an exciting announcement!

Ten little fingers.

Ten little toes.

Two little eyes.

One little nose.

Boy or girl?

Nobody knows!

  • Gender Reveal Volcano: a volcano is such a fun way to reveal the gender! All you’ll need is a punch bowl, ingredients below for the volcano creation, and guests who love a good explosion!


  • Flower vase (or anything you can find around the house)
  • 1 cup salt
  • 2 cups flour
  • 3/4 cups of water
  • Vinegar
  • Dish Soap
  • Food Coloring
  • Baking soda


  1. Find a flower vase or something volcano-shaped
  2. Mix flour and salt together in a large bowl
  3. Slowly stir in water and mix until you get a doughy consistency
  4. Form the dough around the base of the vase and build up until you get the look you’re going for
  5. Mix the food coloring into the vinegar and pour into the vase until about 1/3 full
  6. Squirt a small amount of dish soap in
  7. You can cover up the top with a tissue to keep the kids from seeing what color it is
  8. Once your ready for the reveal, have a child dump a small amount of baking soda into the top of the volcano to unveil the gender of their sibling!
  • Ultrasound Guessing Game: Give your guests a peek of the ultrasound image so that they can guess the gender. The one who guesses right will get a prize!
  • Time capsule. After the fun of the announcements, get a bit serious for a few and ask your guests to write down their hopes, predictions, and advice for your baby. Seal the notes in a box to gift to your child at a milestone birthday like 13, 16 or even graduation!
  • “Blue or pink, what do you think?” or “Wear your guess!” Before the party, ask guests to dress in blue or pink to match their guess. Then, once the gender is revealed, give a prize to those who guessed right.
  • Silly string. Grab some pink and blue silly string. Have the man hold the blue and the girl hold the pink and at the count of three, the one holding the correct gender will spray the silly string. Another way to do this is to both be holding the correct color of silly string but remove any colored label so the guests cannot see. At the count of three, start spraying each other with the color of silly string that matches the gender. 
  • Confetti-filled piñata. Make sure you remember the pink confetti or blue confetti too!

Photo from: guguguru.com

  • 3′ globe balloon
  • newspaper/kraft paper
  • flour and water mixture
  • blue and pink tissue paper
  • chalkboard spray paint
  • string
  • confetti cut from tissue paper
1. Cut or tear strips of paper. Mix 1:1 flour/water to create a mixture.
2. Take the globe balloon and blow it up so it is about 18″ in diameter. Be sure not to blow it up all the way!
3. Take the strips of paper you have cut and dip and soak your strips in the mixture. Flatten the strips onto the balloon until you’ve worked your way around and covered the whole balloon. Once covered, let it dry a bit and add two more layers of the strips.
4. Once all of the layers are on the balloon, let the paper mache dry overnight. You want the pinata to be completed dry. Then, pop the balloon that’s inside.
5. Spray paint the pintata with chalkboard spray paint. With a screwdriver, poke two holes at the top of the balloon. Take a string to thread through the holes and tie at the top to make a loop. You will use this loop to hang the pinata.
7. Cut 5″ of string and tie tissue paper tassels onto the pinata. Alternate blue and pink. For the reveal, you need the pinata to release the confetti, so you’ll want to cut a little trap door at the bottom and punch a hole in the flap. Tie the tassel string to the door and fill the piñata with the color of confetti that matches the gender. Tape the door closed using scotch tape.
8. Now your piñata is ready to pull after the 3, 2, 1 countdown! When the door is opened, the confetti will fall out and reveal the gender to all your guests!
  • Wear your guess. Have guests clip on their shirts a pink or blue clothespin to wear around the party!

  •  Box packed with balloons. This is a great way to surprise the new parents as well as guests. Take a box and pack it full of balloons (helium filled) that match the color of the gender. Decorate the box. Then when it’s time to announce, open the box and let the colorful balloons float out of the box into the sky!

  • Exploding baseball. This is one of the most unique gender reveal ideas ever! Paint a glass ornament to look like a baseball and fill it with colored powder. The mom or dad will pitch the “baseball” while the other will hit it with a bat. This will make the “baseball” explode with the colored powder and reveal the gender of the baby!
  • Colored sparklers. Get some sparklers that are blue or pink colored. Don’t let guests see the color. Then, when you light them, your guests can see the gender of the baby by the color of the spark! Be sure and take some great pictures as well!
  • Balloon Dart Board. Craft a balloon board with just one paint-filled balloon! All the balloons should be filled with white paint while one balloon is filled with either pink for a girl or blue for a boy. Expecting parents will throw darts at the board to pop the balloons. When the balloon with the blue/pink paint pops, that balloon will reveal the baby’s gender and everyone can celebrate! If you want to involve your guests with this game, then have enough balloons for the guests to pop as well! You can even offer a prize to the guest who pops the right balloon!

  • Colorful water gun. If you want to do a unique gender reveal idea and entertain your guests at the same time, use nerf guns for the big reveal! Have someone other than the parents fill a water gun with blue or pink water. Provide parents with white t-shirts. Blindfold the parents and have them spray each other. For a keepsake, hang one of the shirts up in the baby’s room or save in a keepsake box!
  • Paint can. Head to your local hardware store to get paint that’s the color of the gender you’re expecting. Cover the label or any sign of what the color may be. Then paint the baby’s new room or a large canvas in front of guests! If you don’t want to do this live, then have someone there to take photos. Post photos for the gender reveal!

Photo from: projectnursery.com

  • Pillow Fight. This is definitely one of the best and most fun gender reveal ideas. Dye some feathers either blue or pink, and stuff them in a pillow. If you are having a small gender reveal party, stuff feathers into small pillows and have enough for every guest to have one! Then have a pillow fight that ends with dyed pink or blue feathers everywhere.

Photo from: simplystitchedblog.com

  • Confetti Gender Reveal Balloon

This is a fun but messy way to announce the gender (plan for more confetti everywhere!)


  • 1 36″ Black balloon
  • 4-6 feet or ribbon
  • 4 of each blue or pink tissue paper
  • Funnel (this can be a paper plate or cut off the top of a water bottle)
  • Helium
  • EXTRA: ribbon, tassels or other things you may want to add onto the balloon


  1. Cut sheets of tissue paper into square confetti
  2. Using your funnel, stuff the balloon with appropriate color tissue paper
  3. You can add glitter if you desire
  4. Inflate the balloon with helium
  5. Tie off the end of the balloon and add ribbon, or a special tassel tail
  6. When it’s time to reveal the gender, hold your balloon up high and pop with something sharp! Ta dah!

So “Blue or pink, what do you think?” With gender reveal parties being all the rage right now! There’s no need for people to share the gender by just telling their family and friends in a less than memorable way. If you’re into an epic gender reveal, take the time to set up an elaborate party that is creative, clever, and oh so much fun! If you are wanting to do a gender reveal party but don’t know where to start, you came to the right place! Follow the tips above and rest easy knowing you are creating an amazing and memorable party for all of your loved ones to enjoy alongside you.

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