Different Party Venues for Kids’ Birthday Parties

Having your child’s birthday party at your house can be slightly risky! From the unexpected messes to a bunch of kids running around creating a frenzy. Hosting a party at your house can take a lot of work, preparation and cleanup that you may not want to deal with. Wouldn’t it be nice for someone to take care of the setup and tear down for your party? Well, it’s possible! Nowadays there are so many different locations and venues that you can have your child’s party at. Some places take care of everything from food to decorations and some just give you a place to have your party. Some places have different party packages ranging in price and other places have a flat fee just for using their business. So, first things first, determine how much you’re willing to spend. Below we’ve compiled a list of different locations and venues you can host a party and their price ranges (note. price will differ based on your location)

1.The Park (Free)

A local park is a great place to a host for many reasons! Although you have to setup the party, you don’t have to worry so much about the mess the kids make (because it isn’t your house) and the kids have all the room they could need to run around and have a great time! There’s so many games and activities you can do here!

2. Bowling Alley ($20-30 per kid)

A bowling alley is an awesome place to have a party! Everyone loves to bowl whether they’re good or not and it will keep the kids busy for hours. Many bowling alleys offer customizable packages that include a meal, ice cream, shoe rental, party favors and more for each child. And on the plus side they will take care of the setup and tear down so you can enjoy your time too! You can’t go wrong with a bowling party.

Recommended Places:

  • AMF (257)
  • Bowlero (300)
  • Bowlmor (18)
  • Brunswick zones (53)

3. Arcade ($20-40 per kid)

You can not go wrong with having a party at an arcade. Arcades are fun for both kids adults and there’s no way anybody is going to be bored. Arcades also offer different party packages to fit your needs. From buffets, free game play and much more!

Recommended Places:

  • Chuck E. Cheese’s (608)
  • Dave and Buster’s (120)
  • GameWorks (7)

4. Water Park ($300-400 package)

Cannonball into a great time when you have a party at a water park! You can relax and enjoy your day while the water park takes care of all your party needs! Packages differ but all include admission tickets, some type of meal, and drinks.

Recommended Places:

  • Kalahari (4)
  • Great Wolf Lodge (19)

5. Trampoline Parks:

Nowadays, with all the technology we have it’s difficult to get our kids up and physically active. That’s why having a party at a trampoline park is an awesome place to have a party! Kid’s will be having so much fun, they won’t even know they’re getting exercise! Almost all trampoline parks have party packages to fit your needs and budget.

Recommended Places:

  • Sky Zone (140)
  • Rockin’ Jump (7)
  • Urban Air Adventure Park (137)
  • Launch Trampoline Park (25)

6. Local Fire Station (Free-Price Varies)

Believe it or not, a lot of fire station’s will allow you to host a party at their actual fire station! Pretty cool right? Give your children to opportunity to learn about what firefighters do and have a great time! If your local fire station does offer parties make sure you schedule ahead because these type of parties have become very popular!

Recommended Places:

  • Local Fire Station

7. Gymnastics Center ($150+)

Your guests will flip when they find out the party is going to be at a gymnastics center! This is a great place that kids can run around and get plenty of exercise. And who knows they may discover they want to actually try participating in gymnastics. Some places may not offer any party supplies or food so it’s important you do you research. Most places offer instructors and tableware and you have to provide the food and decorations.

Recommended Places:

  • Local Gymnastics Center

8. Zoo ($200-300)

Who wouldn’t want a party at the zoo? Beats me! This is an awesome place to bring kids to learn and discover so many new things about animals. The zoo offers a variety of things to do with a party package like admission, giraffe feeding, party hostess, and much more!

Recommended Places:

  • Brevard Zoo
  • Chicago Zoological Society
  • Blank Park Zoo
  • Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

9. Children’s Spa ($250+)

Primp and pamper with a Spa party! Let you and your little ones relax and enjoy being taken care of! They offer different packages to fit your needs and price range. Some of the things these spa’s offer are up-do’s, manicures, pedicures, facials, hand treatments and other cool things!

Recommended Places:

  • Sweet and Sassy (20)
  • Little Princess Spa (5)

10. Art Studio ($150)

Let your guests express their inner artist by planning a party at an art studio! While at the art studio, the kids will have an awesome time showing their creativity by doing an unique project they get to take home! Many studios will facilitate the whole party by setting up and taking care of all the clean up! How much better can it get?

Recommended Places:

  • Any local art studio


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