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Does your toddler or child love Blippi? If so, consider throwing a Blippi birthday party! You can do so easily and cost-effectively. Blippi is ideal for toddlers and young children, and can help them learn and play. Blippi is a fun, simple theme idea for young kids and may just be the solution to the party theme you’ve been unsure of!

Who is Blippi?

Blippi is a fun-loving, energetic character geared toward toddlers and young children. Blippi’s goal is to teach children about the fundamentals of life; things like colors, numbers and simple concepts. Blippi’s main objective (as stated by the creator) is to “bring positive emotions and memories to the act of learning.”

Blippi was created in 2014 by Stevin John. John was an entrepreneur who specialized in things like content creation, digital marketing and brand development. John came up with the character and, after a few developmental questions, he decided to become Blippi himself!


Blippi is dressed in orange and blue and loves piloting his plane. Blippi’s energetic and loving personality have appealed to thousands of kids and adults throughout the world. Parents love the creative touch Blippi brings to their kids’ learning.


In the future, Blippi hopes to tour worldwide so that children can experience him and his kooky personality in person. Blippi wants to educate the world’s kids in the most interactive and creative ways possible!

A Blippi Birthday Party

Throwing a Blippi birthday party is fun, inexpensive and simple. This article will walk you through some basic ideas for having a Blippi party.

The Tableware

Since no Blippi party theme exists yet, color-code your party! Use blue dinner plates, orange dessert plates, blue napkins, and orange plastic ware. Decorate your party tables with blue or orange table covers.

The Favors

Blippi gives us many great ideas for party favors. Consider the following:

Use blue or orange favor bags to add to the fun.

The Decorations


For Blippi, a colorful mix of party decorations is a great idea. You can also color-code your decorations. Consider a mix of blue, orange and white for the balloons, as well blue and orange streamers, ribbons, etc. Blippi gives a huge variety of secondary themes to choose from in his videos. For instance, if you have a boy, you could do a mix of police and construction as a secondary theme. If you have a girl, maybe a shopping/cooking party!

The Food

Your best bet for the food would probably be to tailor it toward your audience. In the videos, Blippi shows us things like fruits and vegetables, raspberries, ice cream and spaghetti. A cooking party or something of the like can be a lot of fun for older audiences. Have the kids take part in the cooking if you’re making something big, or they can help bake. Maybe even host a make-your-own-pizza party!

The Invitations

There are many cool pre-made party invitations available on sites like Etsy and Pinterest. You can also make your own invitations. Search online for invitation makers. If you have a printer and paper they will be easy to print off right at home. Also check around your local area; there are places that will create and print invitations for you, if you provide the design. Making your own invitations can allow you a chance to be creative and add your own personal flair to your birthday party.

The Activities

A great idea for small kids at a Blippi birthday party is a Blippi viewing party! Have the kids imitate what Blippi does. Pick episodes beforehand and have some props there for the kids to play with. If there are games in the Blippi episodes, have the kids join in!


Another fun idea is a balloon toss game. Inflate a balloon and have all the kids bat it around. Don’t let the balloon touch the floor!


Since Blippi is a show for younger audiences, simple games will probably do. Games like Simon Says, Musical Chairs and Duck Duck Goose can be excellent candidates for activities.


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