Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

If you are a parent wracking their brain for birthday party ideas for girls, it can begin to seem as if there are just too many or not one that is a good fit for your birthday girl. Whether you didn’t want to use a pink and white theme or go all “girly” or you just are not sure what to do with a bunch of guests (whether all girls or a blend of boys and girls), we have a long list of creative and clever birthday party ideas for girls of all ages.

Before we start looking at those girls’ birthday party ideas, let’s take a few minutes to consider some factors that you must use as you explore the party ideas for girls.

Creative and Clever Girls' Birthday Party Ideas


Narrowing Down Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

It is a good idea to base your decision for the party on a few basic facts. They include:

  • The girl’s age
  • Her hobbies and interests
  • The attendees: all girls or a mix of girls and boys
  • How much time there is for the party
  • Whether it’s an out-of-home or in-home party
  • The available budget

These are some fairly basic issues, but if you do not put them as priorities, you run the risk of using birthday party ideas for girls that are not a good fit to your birthday girl’s preferences.

As a simple example, the seven year-old girl who loves nature, animals and going outdoors is not a good candidate for the different spa or beauty parlor themed girls’ birthday party ideas. Though she may like fiddling with hair and nails, it may be better to think of the more outdoorsy and active birthday party ideas for girls for such a person. She might like pony rides, a party at the pool or something that allows her to enjoy her big day in a setting she really loves.

Creative and Clever Girls' Birthday Party Ideas

Also keep in mind that not all girls are in love with frilly things and activities that many people might assign to her gender. Though there are loads of girls who are wildly enthusiastic about princess-based birthday party ideas for girls, it could be that your girl loves Pirates of the Caribbean or Wonder Woman, and that her best party would be focused on those concepts instead. So, if your child is old enough to supply feedback about the theme of her party, be sure you include her in the process.

Take some time now and jot down answers to those questions before you start to really dig into the best birthday party ideas for girls.

Age and Girls’ Birthday Party Ideas

As you wade into the many options for girls’ birthday party ideas, the age of the girl has to take a leading role. In fact, you may want to explore the different birthday themes for girls based on age and then on other factors. As the simplest example, it is a great idea to have a birthday party at a local shopping mall. Yet, it only works as one of the better girls’ birthday party ideas if the guests are safe to walk around a mall unattended.

Budgets and Birthday Themes for Girls

We should also point out that it is one of the simplest things in the world to work around a super-tight budget when exploring birthday party ideas for girls and birthday themes for girls. You can always head to the party supply store (online or in the real world) to see what sort of décor they offer based on the theme. As an example, the film Frozen has inspired any number of party goods and supplies. They are often quite expensive, and yet you can make a lot of your supplies that emulate that theme.

Creative and Clever Girls' Birthday Party Ideas

How? As a simple example, you can bake vanilla cupcakes in pale blue muffin cups, make snowflake sticks for those cupcakes and frost them with white vanilla icing. You can use white table linens, bottle brush holiday tree decorations, and clear glass jars full of blue and white candies to generate that Frozen theme. Go online and look for any free party printable options and you can find templates for invites, cards, and more. You may find you have only to buy some blue and white paper to set out a very clear theme of this kind.

Bringing Party Ideas for Girls to Life

With the age and theme guiding you, it can be much easier than you might ever imagine to host a creative and clever party. Remember that most successful parties operate on a standard formula:

  • Arrival and ice breaker areas – Simply put, this is an area in which a few games that use the theme of the party are set up. This allows kids to interact comfortably upon arrival and to essentially “break the ice” while everyone else arrives.
  • Party games – Get guests to burn up some energy before settling into a party activity. Align ice breakers, games and activities to the theme for the best effect.
  • Party activities – This can be more games but is usually something a bit more special than a game, and the emphasis of the party idea or theme.
  • Presents (if opening at the party)
  • Food, including cake – Try to keep food in line with the idea or theme of the party, and get creative if the guests will be active even during meal times
  • Goody bags – Lastly, whatever birthday party ideas for girls inspire the event, try to have goodie bags in line with that concept

As you can see, almost any girls’ birthday party ideas can fit into this formula. So, here are our best suggestions for kids of almost any age.

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Themes and Birthday Party Ideas for Girls of All Ages

If you consider the formula outlined above, you can then integrate your theme into any number of activities and games. For kids ages one to four, we suggest ideas such as:

Creative and Clever Girls' Birthday Party Ideas

  • Outdoor games – Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, splash tables, duck pond games, egg or and prize hunts.
  • Hands-on games – Art games and activities are great for even little ones and can enable them to make something (with parents) to take home.
  • Characters – One of the best party ideas for girls (and boys) is to just choose their favorite character. Whether it’s someone from Sesame Street, Moana, their own house cat, a favorite animal or anything else, build your party around it and let them really revel in that particular character.

For kids age five to eight, birthday party ideas for girls can become a bit more complex.  You can do a concept idea such as ballet, farm, or even a cultural concept like a Mexican celebration or a cooking party. Activities for such ideas would include:

  • Make your own – select a food themed alongside that of the party.
  • Art party – Girls love an opportunity to make things, and there are in-home and outside of home options for everything from painting canvases to painting pottery
  • Farm or horse ideas – One of the most popular of all girl birthday party ideas involves horseback riding. Whether you have a local stable that hosts a girl’s party, or you bring a pony ride to the home, this is a great idea. Animal-based party themes can also include everything from butterfly farms to zoo visits.

  • Movie themes – It is entirely appropriate to allow your child to have a movie-themed party (or one in alignment with her favorite cartoons or TV shows). You don’t have to spend huge sums on pre-made props. Just take inspiration from the films or shows and match colors and games/activities to them. As an example, let’s say your 8-year-old wants SpongeBob SquarePants as the idea for the party. The bold yellows and bright sea hues can inspire the décor. You can buy cheap sponges and have kids build their own Bobs. You can do food based on some foods mentioned in the show and do any number of water based games and activities…and all without buying a single, pre-made Bob-themed item.
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Ages nine and upward can be quite varied. As an example, a ten-year-old may want a day at a bowling alley or beach while another might want to go to the beauty parlor for manicure and pedicures. The point is to think of those factors (age, interests, guests, time and money). If you cannot see yourself shuttling a bunch of kids to a bowling alley or a mall, you can still set up those concepts at home. Do a spa at home with little areas for the guests to do their own nails. Set up lawn bowling or driveway bowling and even look up fun ways to do at-home bowling games with a unique spin or theme; for instance, save 3-liter bottles and use those as pins, with typical child’s rubber balls as bowling balls instead.

The thing to remember is that your best birthday party ideas for girls are those that play out the theme she has in mind. If her ideal is a bold display of pink and white décor, over sized tissue flowers and a high tea setting with loads of cakes and dainties, it is entirely appropriate and doable. If she’s all about soccer, you have a million ways to play out such birthday themes for girls. Take time to develop your party ideas for girls and you are sure to find the perfect fit for your child, budget and options.


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