Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

It can often be overwhelming to start looking for birthday party ideas for boys. Their interests can be so varied it can make nailing down a single idea difficult. As boys mature into young men, their interests and tastes change.

These boys birthday party ideas are arranged according to age to help you locate the perfect one for your celebration. As you prepare, remember each of the party ideas can be individualized to match their personality and preferences. Take the idea and customize it to make it your own unique celebration for the little man.

Top Birthday Themes for Boys in 2018

Whether you are planning a birthday party for a girl or looking for birthday party ideas for boys, it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Options are plentiful these days which can make narrowing it down to one choice one of the most difficult decisions to make. Although there are specific lists compiled containing birthday party ideas for boys, there are tons of popular party themes out there.

Here are some of the top birthday party themes for boys:

  • Cars based on the movie.
  • Emoji parties are trending which makes favors and decorations easy to find.
  • Trolls are still in and singing, dancing, hugging parties are too.
  • Train birthday themes for boys are inspiring.
  • Moana parties include sandy beach themes and adventure, which makes for a perfect birthday party idea for boys.
  • Star Wars is still around and still super popular which means party ideas abound and so do party favors.
  • Legos! What boy doesn’t like Legos? With the new Lego themed movie craze, these parties are more popular than ever.
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Toddler Boys Birthday Party Ideas

The toddler boy is in a class all his own. These little guys can be rambunctious and love to play. Each of the toddler years is an important milestone as the little boy is growing more independent and social. Guests lists may include friends from nursery school, the playground, or the neighborhood.

By this age, toddler boys birthday party ideas are easier to choose from since they have begun to communicate their likes and dislikes.

Here are a few birthday party ideas for boys who are 2 to 4 years old:

  • Dinosaur Party Theme: Prehistoric party themes can indulge little boys who are fascinated with dinosaurs. An outdoor sandbox can be the perfect setting for a “fossil dig” for guests armed with spoons and sifters. Inside hunts can be arranged too. Temporary dinosaur tattoos will be all the rage with gummy dinosaurs for treats and little toy ones to take home as a party favor.
  • Wild, Wild, West Party Theme: A cowboy birthday theme  is perfect for these active little guys. Play rodeo games or have stick horse races where space allows. If the budget allows, schedule pony rides for attendees. Badges, horses, and cowboy hats make great decorations and central themes. Stay away from guns and weapons as all parents may not approve of these types of items.
  • Crayon Parties: Toddlers love crayons and there’s no better way to stir up the creative juices than with plenty of color choices and papers. Boxes of crayons make an easy party favor, especially if you can find fat crayons made for little hands. Cover tables or any other items with white paper and let the little artists explore. Let the birthday boy choose his favorite color or colors so you can focus the décor.
  • All Aboard! Train Party: Make the birthday boy the engineer and get all his little friends aboard with a train birthday party theme. Train whistles, bandanas and conductor hats make excellent party favors. If your son likes Thomas the Train, build the theme around the character. A “chew chew” table can house the food or snacks and train cakes are easy to come by.

5 to 10 Year Old Boy Birthday Party Ideas

For 5 to 10 year old birthday party ideas, you won’t have to look too long. By this age they are likely to be showing interest in popular movies, books or sports. This makes creating a birthday theme central to their interests very easy.

Here are some of the most popular five to 10 year old boy birthday party ideas to start with:

  • Harry Potter Theme: Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? The movies and character can make for some great material when planning birthday themes for boys. It’s sure to be a magical occasion and loads of fun. Decorations or party favors can include black cauldrons, sorting hats, jelly beans, pretend glasses, and brooms. Invitations can look like a letter of acceptance into Hogwarts. “Pin the glasses on Harry Potter” makes for a modern twist to a classic birthday game.
  • Sports Themed Birthday Party:  Most boys are involved in playing or watching sports by this age. That makes it easy to build a birthday party around their interests. Cakes that look like football fields, soccer fields, or basketball courts are easy to come by or make. A fun game for the sports enthusiasts might be a variation of the hot potato game. If the party is outdoors, ball tossing or kicking games can be loads of fun.
  • Superhero Party Themes: Any superhero can become a hit boy birthday party idea from the Avengers to the Incredibles. Cheap tablecloths can make superhero capes and masks can be made from foam or felt. 2-liter soda bottles can become villains to knock down with a bean bag or ball. For this active age, plan games that are “superhero training” courses where the attendees can test their speed, flexibility, agility and strength. Relay races, target practice, and an obstacle course that is age appropriate can provide loads of fun.
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Pre-Teen Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

The preteen age group is typically very social and has a group of close friends they prefer to hang out with. Coming up with birthday party ideas for boys of this age is about as simple as asking them what they want to do.

They probably already have a good idea, but if not, here are a few boys birthday party ideas to get you started:

  • Movie Night: Most boys this age like to go to popular movies with their friends. Taking a group of guys to a movie and out for pizza can make for a fun and memorable birthday. However, you may also want to have a stay-at-home movie night along with a sleepover. Order out pizza, or better yet, make your own and watch a new movie as well as a few favorites. Games might include movie charades or Pictionary using movie themes.
  • American Ninja Warrior Theme:  Most pre-teen boys have been introduced to the hit show American Ninja Warrior. With a little thought, you can create a course in your backyard. However, local parks often have play equipment that could be used as a mock course. Each party attendee can try the course and see who can achieve the shortest time. Party props, cakes and favors can be something simple like printed headbands, hair chalk, or capes and masks. Medals can be given to those who finish the “course.”
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Teenage Boy Birthday Party Ideas

The teenage boy can be difficult to interpret when it comes to planning celebrations around his special day. During the teen years they may think they are too old for some traditional birthday party games and treats. They are a bit more social and that gives you plenty of room for planning a special celebration for them.

Depending on your son’s interests a few simple ideas might include:

  • Dropping him and his friends off at a movie
  • Spending the afternoon playing video games with friends
  • Going to a concert featuring his favorite artist
  • Attending a local sports event with friends
  • Going to a local theme park for the afternoon
  • Laser Tag or Paintball with friends

It’s quite okay to choose a theme for teen boys too. Take something they like and enjoy and build a theme around it to make it a memorable occasion for them and their friends.

Here are a few teen boy birthday party ideas to help you out.

  • The Amazing Race: Use the popular TV show to build an “Amazing Race” for active teen boys. You’ll need clues, roadblocks, pit stops, a detour or two, and a challenge. Use the black and yellow envelopes to give the clues to direct them along their way with clues all along the way. This type of party works well in a variety of public settings such as a mall, the zoo or a theme park.
  • All 80’s Themed Party: Feeling nostalgic? Try an 80’s themed birthday party complete with big hair, leggings, bright colors, and punk rockers. Fill the time with lots of fun and dancing. Celebrate stars like Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Madonna, Bon Jovi and Prince. Party-goers can dress in 80’s garb. Game ideas might include a variety of contests taken from the 80’s like a breakdancing contest, lip-syncing contest, air-guitar or moon-walking contests. For a little mental challenge consider a Rubik’s cube contest.
  • Basketball Theme: Perhaps you know an organization that has a gym to rent for the venue. The gym has lots of room to play basketball, have a dance and play a variety of active games. Buy a basketball and have all his friends sign it with permanent markers as a keepsake. This can be adapted to soccer, football or baseball enthusiasts as well.

Hopefully, this list of ideas helped you choose one of the popular birthday themes for boys. When planning a birthday party remember to plan crafts, fun eats and loads of activities to keep the energetic party attendees engaged. Any of these birthday party ideas for boys can be expanded and customized to fit the personal preferences and available venues.

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