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Looking for Roblox birthday party ideas? In this detailed guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to throw an epic Roblox Birthday Party. This guide is broken down into a few sections to help bring some strange fun into all aspects of your party.

    1. Party Invitations & Thank-Yous
    2. Favor Bags
    3. Party Decorations
    4. The Food
    5. The Cake
    6. The Games

If your son or daughter has asked this year for a Roblox birthday party, rejoice! You may not know much about the game, but building a Roblox party theme is one of the simplest parties you can create. The game’s symbolism is largely based around square blocks and characters, making decorations a breeze.

In this article, we’ll familiarize you just enough with Roblox to be able to give you a great head start in your party planning, and we’ll also list many fun and easy ideas to help get your Roblox party on the road to success.

First Things First: What is Roblox?

Roblox is an MMO (massively multiplayer online) game that allows users to create games for other users to play. The created games center around social media and are constructed using square Lego-like blocks. Players can sell, buy and create virtual items to make their game-play more enjoyable. Purchases are made using the in-game currency called Robux, which can either be purchased in real life or racked up through a daily membership.

The details of the game get fairly in-depth, such as the ability for users to create Groups with one another and advertise, create and sell games and gear via those groups.

The game lets creative folks use their creativity in a positive and rewarding way, and also allows gamers a chance to experience many different types of games from people all over the world.

Constructing a Roblox Birthday

Pretty much any essential of a birthday party can be used to build the perfect Roblox birthday party. The basic categories of a party are:

      • Invitations
      • Party Favors
      • Party Decorations
      • Party Food
      • Birthday Cake
      • Activities & Games

Let’s expand a bit on each of these categories below.

Party Invitations & Thank-Yous

The invitations are a great way to introduce your future guests to your party’s theme, which obviously in this case is Roblox. We have Roblox-themed invitations for sale, as do plenty of other online stores. There are also shops like Etsy that create personalized invitations and allow you to print them right from home. You can also create your own Roblox party invitations. Make sure to include the who’s, what’s, when’s and where’s of the party as well as any RSVP and other special information you want your guests to know about your event.

Word and Photoshop are good candidates for creating your own party invitations, but if you don’t have access to these, search online for invitation creating websites. Some may be free, but most likely are not.

Here are some ideas for catchy invitation phrases for your Roblox invitations:

      • Roblox VIP Pass
      • Calling All Roblox
      • It’s Time to Play!
      • Join Our Group

Favor Bags

Party favors for Roblox are plentiful, fun and easy. Consider the following:

      • Roblox mini mystery series figures
        • Green Robot 3-in-1 Brick Sets (34 Pieces)Blue Robot 3-in-1 Brick Sets (35 Pieces)Yellow Robot 3-in-1 Brick Sets (28 Pieces)
        • These are little figurines from the game. Each package contains a small box with a mystery character inside. They are collectible and there are several different styles to obtain.
      • Legos
        • This is probably an obvious one, but the game’s avatars are modeled after Lego people. Grabbing some different Lego characters and customizable outfits for each would be a fantastic favor to give at a birthday party.
      • Plastic Figures
        • Little plastic figures such as toy cars, characters, scenery like trees and mountains, and plastic animals can be fun little trinkets to throw in to Roblox party favor bags.
      • Play Weapons
        • Consider things like toy knives, inflatable pickaxes, inflatable hammers, toy guns and more.
      • Play Money
        • Toy money is a fantastic candidate for a cool party favor for Roblox. Dollar bills and plastic coins will be fun finds inside the kids’ party bags.
      • Small Games
        • Since Roblox is made up of games created by others, a cool and creative option for favors is small games. Consider things like little Etch-A-Sketch pads, fishing games, ball-in-a-cup and other little entertaining games for kids.
      • Block-themed favors
        • Many online and retail stores sell a Block or Brick party theme, and there are huge options here when it comes to favors. Consider things like wallets, bounce balls, blowouts, bubbles, erasers and favor cups.
      • Robotz favors

Party Decorations

Creating a Roblox look at your party can be both a fun and creative venture. Here are some of the best ideas we’ve dug up for theming your Roblox birthday party decorations.

      • Color-coordinating
        • The three big colors in Roblox are blue, red and green. Incidentally, these are also the dominant colors of many Lego supplies. When you color-coordinate, you can theme things like:
        • Your party tableware
        • Balloons, ribbons & weights
        • Streamers & danglers
        • Table cloths
        • Favor bags
        • Gift wrap
        • DIY decorations such as tissue paper pom-poms, lanterns & tassels
      • Lego-esque decorations
        • Consider using block or Lego supplies for theming your Roblox party. Things like danglers, balloons, centerpieces, favor boxes and even Block-themed plastic ware can be a great way to dress up your Roblox event.
      • Video game decorations
        • Since Roblox is a game and is also centered around playing mini-games, consider using video game party decorations to supplement your Roblox theme. Things such as danglers, balloons and centerpieces can really help bring your Roblox party theme to life.
      • Robotz decorationsRoblox Party Ideas
      • Door signs
      • Online Printables
        • There are so many options for online Roblox printables that all your choices can be overwhelming. From game symbols to the title to the characters, you can use these printables and cutouts to decorate almost anything you can imagine. Simply adding a printable character to your tablecloth or some gift wrap can give your party an incredibly authentic look! Search Etsy, Pinterest and Google for online printables for Roblox. Beware, though, most of what you find will not be free!

The Food

Next let’s discuss Roblox-themed party food. There are many foods found within the Roblox game, as this is an essential item that players use to feed and level up their pets. The obvious food icons can be combined with a little time and creativity to create a fantastic food table at your Roblox event.

Let’s start with some of the food found in the game. A few popular foods are:

      • Turkey legs
      • Tacos
      • Sandwiches
      • Pop (soda)
      • Watermelon
      • Cake slices
      • Candy bars
      • Banana
      • Carrots
      • Cotton candy
      • Peaches
      • Fish

This list is already plenty to start with, but let’s dig in deeper and find some cool things we can do with party food at a Roblox event.

      • Roblox cupcakes
        • Make chocolate cupcakes, half with red frosting and half with white frosting. On the half with white frosting, use red frosting to either recreate the Roblox “R” or the Roblox “O” on the cupcakes. Switch up and write the other letter in white frosting on the cupcakes with the red base.
        • If you prefer not to use letters, you are welcome to draw little Lego characters of your choosing on the frosting.
        • Take it one step further and mount little plastic Lego figurines right on top of the cupcakes!
      • Robux cookies
        • Bake up some cookies and cover them in smooth money-green frosting. Then use white frosting to draw the “R$” symbol in the center of each cookie. Your Roblox fans will absolutely love these cookies!
        • If you like, you can also design square cookies and cover them with the same green frosting. In the center, create a dark green “R$” symbol, and a dark green circle on each side of the symbol. That way you’ll have both coins and bills!
      • Roblox pizza
        • With a bake-your-own-pizza kit, bake up a pizza and arrange your pepperoni in the shape of the Roblox “R”. You may have to pick up some extra pepperoni to achieve this look.
      • Colored krispies
        • Buy pre-made or make your own rice krispie treats, and color them with red, blue and green food coloring. If you’re really creative, make little structures out of them or stack them up into little buildings for extra fun.
      • Fruit man
        • For a healthier alternative, construct a square “man” with aluminum tins and fill them with goodies such as solid-colored fruits and vegetables. Try cut up apples, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, carrots, etc.

The Cake

There are almost too many great ideas for a Roblox birthday cake! Here are just a few cool, simple options to choose from:

      • A character cake
        • One of the easiest Roblox birthday cake ideas is a character cake. If you like, theme the character after your son or daughter or their avatar. All you need to do is create square sections for each body part, i.e. the head, torso, each arm and each leg. From there you can customize how you like, by making each body part a different color, or styling certain clothes or even adding the birthday boy’s/girl’s name across the shirt.
      • A block cake
        • Another awesome idea is a Lego-themed cake. Since Roblox is centered around building, a block cake makes sense. If you know someone who designs cakes or you’re a designer yourself, create Lego-like edible fondant pieces along a regular cake. Decorate with the Roblox logo and maybe add a character or two on top of your cake.
      • Layered pop-out cake
        • One design that seems big among Roblox cakes is a character pop-out cake. The top is “unfolded” like a flower and features a character from the game perched on top having looked like he tore the cake open.
      • A simpler cake
        • If you don’t have the time, energy or know-how for one of the cakes above, consider baking a solid black cake, then cover the top with a large red “R” and a white outline. This is both simple and fast. Decorate it by adding some Legos or figurines.

The Games

No party is complete without the games and activities! View our suggestions below and search online for many more great Roblox party games.

      • Make your own avatar
        • Give your party guests Legos and have them recreate their Roblox avatar. Provide different hats & clothing and make it fun and colorful. Have a vote on whose avatar is the best or the most creative and hand out prizes. Let guests take their avatars home with them.
      • Make an obby
        • An obby in Roblox is simply an obstacle course. This is probably best done outdoors so things can get wild. Let the kids race to the finish and designate victors with trophies or prizes.
      • Building competition
        • Hand out TONS of Legos and have kids create their own fun structures. They can build castles, cars, homes or houses or whatever they like. Hand out prizes to the best designs. Kids can work alone or team up.
      • Make your own Roblox shirt
        • If you don’t mind the possibility of a mess, section off an area of your home for kids to make their own shirts. Provide each child with a white shirt, and supply blue, green and red paint. They can do tie dye, draw designs or literally make whatever they like. Kids can take these home after the party.

How to Make a Paper Roblox Character

Use Discount Party Supplies for Your Roblox Party!

We hope this article has given you some ideas on hosting your Roblox birthday party. While you’re here, check out our Roblox party supplies and head on over to our blog for more great party ideas.

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