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How To Plan The Ultimate Video Game Party

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Looking for Video Game birthday party ideas? In this detailed guide you’ll learn everything you need to know to throw an epic Video Game Birthday Party. This guide is broken down into a few sections to help bring some Video Game fun into all aspects of your party.

      1. Party Decorations
      2. Favor Bags
      3. The Food
      4. The Games
      5. Party Invitations
      6. Minecraft + Fortnite

1. Party Decorations

If you have a son or daughter who loves games, one of the best options for him or her is a video game themed party. This idea is fun and versatile and there are tons of options when considering a video game party. You can theme the tableware, the party decorations, favors, and even the food.

A video game party can be a great option for almost any age. A lot of young kids really love video games, and video game parties can make a perfect choice for teenagers as well. Teens love party games and it can often be difficult to find a fitting party theme for a teen.

So no matter the age, let’s explore some options for your video game party!

Hosting a Video Game Birthday Party

There are a wide variety of video game party supplies available to you online. You can browse a full selection of video game tableware, party favors, party decorations and more.

At Discount Party Supplies, we offer many options for video game parties. Discount Party Supplies carries our own exclusive video game design as well as a gaming party design. We also offer both Minecraft and Fortnite themes!

Let’s get started on the supplies you need to gather for the party. For additional help, see our party planning checklist!

Tableware is a great place to start when it comes to party planning. Further down you’ll read about our themed tableware. But if you would prefer not to use themed tableware at your party, you can always use solid-color tableware to color-coordinate your event. If you go this route, your best option may be picking a specific game or theme to coordinate around. When I think video game, I think blue, black, red, and green. Combining a mix of these colors in your tableware will help you achieve a great video game party look.

A few must-have items to consider when color-coordinating your theme are:

      • Plates
      • Cups
      • Napkins
      • Table covers
      • Plasticware/cutlery

Video Game Party Ideas

You can also check out these items to help out with your video game table decorations. A few on the list include:

      • Video game table covers: These cool plastic table covers feature our unique game controller design on the borders and a white top. Perfect for inside or outside use! Decorate your party tables quickly and easily with the help of our fun party table covers. Each cool accessory measures 54″ x 108″, the perfect size for your square party tables.
      • Video game 2-liter bottle labels: These unique drink labels are sure to be a hit at your video game party! These fun jumbo-sized labels fit easily around 2-liter bottles. Setup is a breeze! Simply wrap the label around your 2-liter bottle and secure the seams with tape. Make sure the white corner is covered.
      • Video game placemats: These fun paper placemats feature our cool game controller design and are perfect for inside or outside use! Decorate your party tables quickly and easily with the help of our fun party placemats. Each cool accessory measures 12″ x 18″, the perfect size for each place setting.

Favor Bags

Favor boxes can really help liven up the decor, and your guests will LOVE that they have special things to take home with them! You have a few options depending on how you’re modeling the rest of your party theme. Some ideas include 8-bit favor boxes for pixelated or older 2D games, 80s boombox favor boxes for 80s-themed games, TNT favor boxes for Minecraft-themed parties and Mario favor boxes for Mario-themed parties.

Party favors can be extremely fun when it comes to a video game party. A few ideas for video game party favors can include:

Here is a rundown of all the options above and even more options below:

      • 16-ounce plastic favor cups: These sturdy paper cups hold up to 16oz of hot or cold liquid, so they’re great for any time of year. They hold up under multiple uses so your guests can use the entire party long and then take home as a favor to enjoy and remember the great time they had at the party!
      • Mini bubbles: Celebrate a fun-filled day when you add these Green Mini Bubbles to your party supplies! Perfect for favors for Minecraft and other video game parties, these adorable bubble bottles hold .3 ounces and are excellent goody bag fillers.
      • Stickers: Each of our stickers feature a fun video game design. Each sheet contains 4 stickers with 6 different designs, for a total of 24 exciting stickers.
      • Tattoos: Level up your party with these fun Video Game Temporary Tattoos! These cool tattoos are made with safe, non-toxic ink, are easy to apply and generally last about 7 – 10 days after application. Package contains 8 tattoos.
      • Wristbands: Each of our wristbands feature fun designs engraved into the rubber. This means that the design won’t wash away and won’t fade. Featuring fun game icons like controllers and “Game Over”, any gamer will absolutely love these wristbands!
      • Blowouts: Each package comes with 8 paper blowouts and features four gaming party designs. These are also great as table scatter accessories, and when the party’s over, your guests will love taking it home as a keepsake.
      • Mini treasure chests: What treasures do you need to hide? If they are small and precious, keep them in these Assorted Mini Treasure Chests, 1.5 inch wide plastic chests in varying metallic colors for your guests’ glistening jewels and gems. Use these awesome accessories as party favors at Minecraft, Fortnite, or other video game parties!
      • Mini Rubix cubes
      • 80s party favors
      • Pixelated party favors:

Include an assortment of each of these favors in either some solid-color favor bags or gaming-themed bags. Most of these favors can be found in bulk packages, making it easier and more affordable to stuff a lot of favor bags. Setting your budget ahead of time can help you have enough money to make the party favor bags EPIC!

Video Game Party Decorations

Video game party decorations can be very fun to look for and make. Some of our customer favorites for decorations include the different decor options below:

      • Party signs: These awesome paper party signs read “Game Zone” and are perfect for inside or outside use! Hang on porches, party rooms or bedrooms. Each cool sign measures 18″ x 12″; does NOT cover complete doors or walls. Moms can breathe easy knowing that this quality party product is going to be a hit at their next event.
      • Door signs: These awesome paper door signs read “Welcome Gamers!” and are perfect for inside or outside use! Hang on porches, party rooms or bedrooms. Each cool sign measures 18″ x 12″; does NOT cover the whole door.
      • Banners: These awesome paper banners read “Happy Birthday” and are perfect for inside or outside use! Hang on porches, party rooms or bedrooms. Each cool banner measures 7′ x 6″.
      • 12-inch mini-posters: Our fun Video Game Mini Posters come in packs of 6, each with a different gamer-friendly design. Each package includes the following 12″ posters: Gamer Zone, game controller, Game Over, Respawn Area, gamer icon and Game Room.
      • Video game controller pinatas: Your little gamers will flip for an exciting Video Game Controller Pull-String Piñata! Watch and enjoy the excitement on their faces when they see this awesome accessory waiting for them. Kick the party off in style and relax knowing that you’ve found the perfect decoration for your video game get-together.
      • Mini centerpieces: These cool centerpieces are a breeze to put together and reuse! Simply fold at each crease and attach the two bottom pieces. That’s it; assembled! When you’re done, simply take them apart and store them in a dry place for next time! These cool decorations come in packages of 3 for your convenience. You can decorate up to three tables with just one set, or decorate one table with all three!
      • Gaming Party Balloons: Get ready for a fun time at your party knowing that your party theme will look great with our Gaming Party Balloons! When inflated, they measure 18″. Keep in mind that these balloons require helium to inflate them.
      • Gaming Honeycomb Centerpieces: Complete the look of your party with a honeycomb centerpiece that is not only easy to assemble but makes a fabulous decoration. This centerpiece comes with a black base and a gaming-themed topper that coordinates with the rest of the party line.

Another great thing to do at your party is color-coordinate your party decorations. Consider coordinating the following toward your chosen color scheme:

If you are creative and would like to make your own, there are a plethora of ideas online for DIY video game party decorations. A few of our favorites are:

      • DIY Mario Balloons
        • Take gold star balloons, add black eyes with a sharpie, and you’ve transformed basic balloons into Mario balloons!

Photo from:

      • DIY Party Badges
        • Pick up some laminated badge holders and lanyards at your local office supply store. You can search online for printable all-access party passes and see what you like, or you can create your own. Programs such as Word and Photoshop are candidates to create your own all-access pass, but the tricky part may be figuring out what size you need to fit in the lanyards. Do one as a test and tweak it until you find what fits, as opposed to doing a bunch and finding out it’s not the right fit. Further personalize this idea by adding each different guest’s name either to the pass or to the lanyard with some sort of marker or fabric paint. This will be a cool favor for kids to take home! Set them up at the door and instruct guests to pick them up on entrance.
      • DIY Bottle labels
        • Check out our video game 2-liter bottle labels! You can also search online for printable bottle labels. Simply cut them out if necessary, wrap around bottles with the design facing out and secure with tape or glue. Make sure you’re buying labels that fit the size of the bottles you’re planning to use. If you’re using mini personal bottles of water, make sure you’re buying small bottle labels. Most of the labels should be sturdy and be able to withstand moisture.
      • Photo Booths
        • Kids and adults alike love taking pictures! Set up a couple of stations with gamer photo props that the kids can choose from, and have a willing adult run the camera or guests’ cell phones. If you have a camera, there are stores that will print your photos off into hard copies for a small fee. Hard copy photos make excellent memories to mail out with your thank you notes!

Table Scatter DecorationsVideo Game Party Ideas

  • Table scatter decorations are simply small trinkets and symbols you place on the table to give it more of a party look. Some cool ideas for this could be gold stars, chocolate coins wrapped in gold for currency, mini treasure chests with or without coins, gold coins, and game-themed confetti (such as Mario or Minecraft).
      • Online Printables
        • There are many options online to help theme your video game party decorations. Simply look up printables on Google and you’ll find results like Etsy, Pinterest, and personal blogs. Some may even be free; all you need for these cool decorations is access to a printer.
      • Costumes
        • For a fun, decorative spin, have the kids dress up as either a character from the game you’re theming your party after, or have them dress up as a character of their choice. They’ll have fun with it; let them paint their faces, create their own costumes, etc. Hold a contest for best costume and hand out prizes to first, second and third place winners.

Table Decorations


  • We carry a few options for video game party tableware. For your convenience, we have also created easy party packages of pre-assembled tableware for 8 guests and 16 guests, and we even have a package that includes table covers!
  • Gaming Party Dessert Plates: These cool paper Dessert plates feature our unique game controller design on the green borders. Our plates are designed at 350 grams per square meter. They’re stronger and sturdier than other party brands. Use these plates to hold everyone’s favorite snacks, appetizers, or even a light meal.
  • Video Game Party Lunch Napkins: These exciting paper napkins measure about 6″ x 6″ unfolded, and a whopping 13″ x 13″ unfolded, giving you plenty of napkin to clean up whatever comes your way! Whether you’re wiping off little hands, brushing off crumbs or cleaning up that dreaded drink spill, these napkins are up to the task.
  • Gaming Party 9oz Cups: Our fun Gaming Party Party Cups are made stronger and sturdier than most other brands, making them easy to reuse throughout your party instead of throwing away after one use. Per the industry standard, each cup holds roughly 9 ounces of hot or cold liquids.
  • Video Game Party Dessert Plates: Our plates are designed at 350gsm (grams per square meter), so they’re even stronger and sturdier than other party brands! Use them to holds things like snacks, cupcakes, and ice cream, chips and dip and so much more.
  • Gaming Party Lunch Napkins: Our awesome Gaming Party Lunch Napkins are perfect for a gaming-themed event! They come with a green border, the phrase “Game On” and tons of iconic gaming images.
  • Video Game Party Dinner Plates: Our sturdy Video Game 9-Inch Dinner Plates are stronger and sturdier than other party brands, making them perfect for reuse instead of having to throw them away after just one use. Our sturdy paper design is perfect for macaroni and cheese, pizza, fruits and veggies, meatballs and much more.
  • Gaming Party Dinner Plates: Our fun Gaming Party Dinner Plates feature an exclusive design made for gamers, by gamers! Featuring a game controller print on the borders with the slogan “game on!” in the center, these fun dinner plates aren’t just for meals, they’re for decoration, too!


  • Video Game Party Supplies Deluxe Packs: Our cool Video Game Deluxe Party Pack includes individually-wrapped packages of 9-inch dinner plates, 7-inch dessert plates, 2-ply paper napkins, 9-ounce paper cups and 2 large plastic table covers. If you don’t use all the packages right away, you can store them away easily and conveniently for use once you’re ready to take them out.
  • Gaming Party Supplies Pack: Complete the look of your party with our Gaming Party Standard Party Pack! Our party packs come with everything you need to serve 16 guests, including dinner plates, dessert plates, napkins, and cups.

2. The Food

Themed food for a video game party can be both very simple and very fun. There are plenty of ways to go when trying to match the food to the video game party theme, especially if you’re theming the party after a specific game. Try the following ideas:

      • Cupcakes
        • Use a few different colors of frosting to match your cupcakes to your party theme. From there, you can either look up printable cupcake toppers or you can use our simple and fun video game cupcake toppers. Decorate more with colored sprinkles or sprays.
          • Cupcake stands: This extra-large cupcake stand is perfect for holding up to 24 standard cupcakes! For easy stacking, start at the bottom and stack cupcakes across from one another. Stack form bottom to top to avoid product tipping over. These extra-large cupcake stands hold more cupcakes than the industry standard. These fun stands measure 14.5″ tall. The largest tier measures 11.9″, middle tier measures 9.9″ and the smallest tier measures 7.9″.
          • Cupcake toppers: Our fun DIY Video Game Cupcake Toppers feature a variety of cool game-themed designs designed by gamers, for gamers! Featuring various game icons like controllers and video game phrases, these fun cupcake toppers are perfect for any video game lover. Start by placing the backing paper on a flat, dry surface. Position the stick in the middle-bottom of the backing paper. Peel a sticker off the included sheets and carefully apply it over the stick, keeping the stick approximately in the middle of the sticker. Position the sticker so that it is in the middle of the backing paper. That’s it; your cupcake topper is assembled! Older kids love to help; show them how to assemble the cupcake toppers and they’ll be done in no time.

      • Potions & drinks
        • Use colored liquid or Gatorade to create potions and drinks at your party. Label them things like “Health,” “Mana,” “Level Up,” etc.
      • Chocolate coins
        • Use chocolate coins at your table and in your party favors to resemble game currency. Either scatter them around the table or place them in a bowl next to the desserts. You can label them if you like.
      • Pac-man pizza
        • Bake up a pizza and cut him into the shape of Pac-man! You can further decorate him if you like. This is a cute, simple and quick idea for a video game birthday party.
      • Stuffed Mushrooms (mushrooms go along with a Mario video game theme)
        • Ingredients
          • 12 whole mushrooms
          • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
          • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
          • 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened
          • 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
          • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
          • 1/4 teaspoon onion powder
          • 1/4 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper
        • Directions
          • First, get the oven ready! Preheat it to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Take cooking spray and spray a baking sheet. To get the mushrooms ready, clean mushrooms with a damp paper towel. Carefully break off the mushroom stems. Chop them so that they are extremely fine, and then discard the tough end of the stems.
          • Over medium heat in a large skillet, heat up the oil. Add garlic and chopped mushroom stems to the skillet. Fry until any moisture has disappeared, taking care not to burn the garlic. Set aside the mixture to cool.
          • Once the garlic and mushroom mixture is cooled, stir in cream cheese, Parmesan cheese, black pepper, onion powder, and cayenne pepper. Keep in mind that the mixture should be very thick. Using a little spoon, fill each mushroom cap with a generous amount of stuffing. Arrange the mushroom caps on prepared cookie sheet.
          • Bake all of the mushrooms for 20 minutes in the preheated oven, or until the mushrooms are piping hot and liquid starts to form under the caps.
          • They’re ready to eat!
      • Luigi Pizza Station
        • Set up a pizza-making station for the guests. Have plates ready with small pizza crusts, two small bowls in front of the plate of pizza sauce and cheese, and then a bunch of pizza toppings for them to choose from! See the picture below for inspiration! Pizza topping suggestions: pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, sausage, bacon, extra cheese, black olives, green peppers, pineapple, and spinach.

Photo from:

      • Fire flower veggie tray
        • Recreate the fire flower from Mario with a cute veggie tray! Use a small bowl filled with white dip for the face, and place two small black raisins or beans in the dip for the eyes. Line the outside of the bowl with a couple layers of yellow peppers, then create the petals out of baby carrots. Add several layers to give it depth. For the stem, cut up layers of cucumber and lay them in a straight line down the platter. Lastly, recreate the leaves on each side of the stem using handfuls of broccoli.
      • Themed cookies
        • Theme cookies around your game or, for an in-general party theme, consider decorating them to look like gold game coins or game currency. You can write game slogans on them or theme them to match two or three different games that fit your party look.
        • Star Sugar Cookies
          • Ingredients
          • 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
          • 1 cup butter, softened
          • 1 teaspoon vanilla
          • 1/2 teaspoon almond extract
          • 1 egg
          • 2 1/2 cups Gold Medal™ all-purpose flour
          • 1 teaspoon baking soda
          • 1 teaspoon cream of tartar
          • 3 cups powdered sugar
          • 3 to 5 tablespoons milk
          • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla
          • Vanilla food coloring
          • Directions
          • Preheat the oven to 375°F. Until well-blended, in a large bowl, beat 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar, butter, 1 teaspoon vanilla, almond extract and egg with electric mixer on medium speed, or mix with a spoon. Stir in flour, baking soda and cream of tartar. Take the dough and divide it in half. Form dough into 2 disks and wrap in plastic wrap. Cover and refrigerate at least 2 hours.
          • Lightly flour a solid surface and roll each disk until 1/4 inch thick. Cut with 2- to 2 1/2-inch cookie cutters into desired shapes. On ungreased cookie sheets, place cutouts at least 2 inches apart. Bake 7 to 9 minutes or until edges are light brown. Cool 1 minute; remove from cookie sheets to cooling racks. Wait until the cookies are completely cooled.
          • In a medium-sized bowl, use a spoon to beat 3 cups powdered sugar, 3 tablespoons milk and 1/4 teaspoon vanilla until smooth and spreadable. Note: If frosting is too stiff to spread, add additional milk, 1 teaspoon at a time. Tint the icing with the yellow food coloring. Spread frosting on cooled cookies. Let stand about 4 hours, or until frosting is set. Take a black food coloring marker or black icing to add eyes to the cookies. Store covered in an airtight container at room temperature with waxed paper between layers.
Photo from:
        • Video Game Controller Cookies:
          • Find a cookie cutter that is in the shape of a video game controller. This make take some time to hunt down, so don’t wait until the last minute! Once the cookies are baked and cooled, outline the cookies with white royal icing. Then fill in the cookies with white royal icing that has been thinned out a bit. While all of the icing is drying, pour out a bag of mini m&ms and sort out the blue, red, yellow, and green ones. Before the icing is completely dry, put in the four colored m&ms to look like buttons on the controller (you can see step-by-step pictures on Be sure when you put the m&ms on the cookies, you put the “m” facing down. Once m&ms are in the cookie, let the icing dry overnight. The next day, it’s time to add the rest of the decorations onto the cookie! Use a food coloring pen and a small circle shape to trace around three small circles. Then trace the food coloring pen’s outline with white royal icing and fill in the circle with gray icing. Allow several hours to dry!

Photo from:

A few additional themed-food ideas:

  • Star-shaped rice krispie treats from Mario
  • Peach rings for Princess Peach’s rings from Mario
  • Semi-melted marshmallows for the clouds from Mario
  • Cheeto balls for Fire Flower’s fireballs from Mario
  • Oreos for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sewer lids
  • Barbecue chips for Charizard’s chips
  • Princess Peach Punch: ginger ale, lemonade, and peach nectar.

Use our chalkboard food markers to label all the themed food. They come in 12 per package.


3. The Games

In addition to more traditional teen party games, there are many great things to do at a video game themed party. A few of these cool ideas include:

      • GameTruck
        • A huge trend that’s taking over is the GameTruck. It is literally a truck you can rent that allows large groups of kids a few hours of uninterrupted game play. It must be pretty affordable since so many people use it. Consider this for your party. Find information on GameTruck by typing it in to your search bar!
      • Game stations
        • Set up stations for different types of games and genres for all the kids’ interests. There are many fun and interactive games where kids can play with one another and build up some skill. Make sure to allow everyone turns and make the matches quick enough so that kids don’t have to wait too long. A few ideas for games to host here include:
          • Dance Dance Revolution
          • Guitar Hero
          • Rock Band
          • Wii Sports/Wii Fit
          • Super Smash Bros.
          • Mario Kart

Party Invitations

The last fun area to help make your party a great video game celebration is the party invitations. A few cool ideas to consider are:

      • Tickets
        • Create access tickets for your party. Use Word or Photoshop if you have access to it to create the tickets, or look up online invitation creation programs. If you’re not the crafty sort, look for printable video game ticket invitations online.
      • VIP Pass
        • Along the same vein as the idea above, create passes for each one of the kids and include them in the party invitation envelopes. Personalize them using each guest’s name, and tell them to make sure they bring them along for the party. Hand out badge holders and lanyards upon arrival for the kids to carry their passes in.
      • Flyers
        • Create larger square invitations to resemble advertisement flyers. This is an option if you plan to hand-deliver the party invitations, but may not work so well if you plan to mail them. Write things like “Game On! It’s Chloe’s Birthday!” and “Join us for battle on June 19th”. Get creative with it and look up ideas online for inspiration.

All Things Minecraft+Fornite!

If your video game party is going to be Minecraft and Fortnite themed, here are options below that are centered around those games specifically.


  1. Minecraft Deluxe Party Pack (For 16 Guests): This ultimate Minecraft party package contains all the tableware you need to top off your event! Each package comes with 70 pieces of tableware, perfect for up to 16 party guests.
  2. Mining Fun Deluxe Party Packs (For 16 Guests): Our cool Mining Fun Deluxe Party Pack includes individually-wrapped packages of 9-inch dinner plates, 7-inch dessert plates, 2-ply paper napkins, 9-ounce paper cups and 2 large plastic table covers. If you don’t use all the packages right away, you can store them away easily and conveniently for use once you’re ready to take them out.
  3. Mining Fun Square Dinner Plates – 9in (8 Pack): Our sturdy Mining Fun 9-Inch Dinner Plates are stronger and sturdier than other party brands, making them perfect for reuse instead of having to throw them away after just one use. Our sturdy paper design is perfect for macaroni and cheese, pizza, fruits and veggies, meatballs and much more.
  4. Mining Fun Grass Tablecovers – 54in X 108in (Each): These cool plastic table covers feature our unique all-over pixel grass design. Perfect for inside or outside use! Decorate your party tables quickly and easily with the help of our fun party table covers. Each cool accessory measures 54″ x 108″, the perfect size for your square party tables.
  5. Mining Fun 9oz Cups (8 Pack): Per the industry standard, each Mining Fun Paper Cup holds up to 9 ounces of beverages! This is the perfect size for kids; not too little, not too much. Cleanup is a breeze! Simply stack the cups up once you’re done with them and toss them in the trash.
  6. Mining Fun Invitations & Envelopes (8 Pack): Each sturdy paper invitation features a place for the event name, time, date, place and RSVP info. Each paper invitation is perfect for a pen or marker and measures 4″ x 6″.
  7. Mining Fun Square Dessert Plates – 7in (8 Pack): Our sturdy Mining Fun 7-Inch Dessert Plates are stronger and sturdier than other party brands, making them perfect for reuse instead of having to throw them away after just one use. Our sturdy paper design is perfect for cupcakes, cake and ice cream, fruits and veggies and so much more.


  1. Battle Royal Table Covers – (Each): Battle Royal Table Covers are a quick and easy way to decorate your Fortnite party tables. These plastic table covers measure 54in x 96in.
  2. Battle Royal Dinner Plates – 9in (8 Pack): Get your guests ready to drop in with Battle Royal Dinner Plates. These paper plates measure 9 inches.
  3. Battle Royal Dessert Plates – 7in (8 Pack): Let these Battle Royal Dessert Plates help you eat, sleep, game, and repeat!
  4. Battle Royal 16oz Cup (Each): Battle Royal 16oz Cups are the perfect party favor and BPA free. Hand them out at the party for drinks and your guests can even use them once the party is complete.
  5. Battle Royal Lunch Napkins: Storm the party with Battle Royal Lunch Napkins. They come in 16 per package.
  6. Battle Royal Stickers (24 Pack): Battle Royal Stickers measure 2 inches. Use them as decorations or hand them out as favors!
  7. Battle Royal Favor Bags (8 Pack): Battle Royal Favor bags hold all of your guest’s party goodies! Each paper bag measures 5″ wide x 4.25″ tall. Note: gift paper not included.


  1. Fortress Deluxe Party Packs (For 16 Guests): Our paper tableware is made at 350gsm (grams per square meter), even stronger than other party brands! Our dinner plates are perfect for things like pizza slices, meatballs and macaroni and cheese. Use our 7-inch dessert plates for vegetables and fruits, cake and ice cream, and even cupcakes. Our sturdy paper cups hold 9 ounces of hot and cold liquids without leaking halfway through your party. Use our 2-ply napkins to clean up everything from crumbs to spills. Finally, our sturdy plastic table covers measure 54″ x 108″ and are perfect for square tables. Make cleanup a breeze after the party by simply rolling up all your trash inside the table covers and throwing away.
  2. Fortress Dinner Plates – 9in (8 Pack): Our plates are designed at 350gsm (grams per square meter), so they’re even stronger and sturdier than other party brands! Use them to hold things like snacks, light meals, tacos, chips and dip and so much more.
  3. Fortress Dessert Plates – 7in (8 Pack): These sturdy Fortress Dessert Plates are the perfect completion to your next Fortress get-together! These fun paper plates pair perfectly with the rest of our Fortress tableware, favors and decorations to help take the stress out of creating a picture-perfect Fortnite party.
  4. Fortress Table Cover – 54 X 108in (Each): These cool plastic table covers feature our unique city background and dog tag design on the borders and a deep blue top. Perfect for inside or outside use! Decorate your party tables quickly and easily with the help of our fun party table covers. Each cool accessory measures 54″ x 108″, the perfect size for your square party tables.
  5. Fortress Lunch Napkins (20 Pack): These fun paper napkins pair perfectly with the rest of our Fortress tableware, favors and decorations to help take the stress out of creating a picture-perfect party. Napkins are decorated with the infamous big blue F and various icons game in a vivid blue and white pattern.
  6. Fortress 9oz Cups (8 Pack): Our sturdy Fortress 9-Ounce Cups are stronger and sturdier than other party brands, making them perfect for reuse instead of having to throw them away after just one use. Our sturdy paper design is perfect for holding both hot and cold liquids, and won’t get wet and drain onto your table halfway through your party.
  7. Fortress Placemats – 12in X 18in (Each): These cool paper placemats feature our unique “F” design and are perfect for inside or outside use! Decorate your party tables quickly and easily with the help of our fun party placemats. Each cool accessory measures 12″ x 18″, the perfect size for each place setting.

Here are a few of our favorite Minecraft and Fortnite games and activities:

  •  Underground Cave Hunt. (Minecraft) If you’re having a sleepover party and you’re looking for a night game to go along with a video game or Minecraft party theme, this is the game for you! This game is made to play outside at night. To begin, hide a numbered variety of gems, tools, and chests around a large, open outdoor area — the key is large because there should be a bit of a hunt involved. (Note: We sell both gems and chests!) Each participant will need to be given a flashlight, collection bag/bucket and a list of items to collect. Make sure there is enough of each item hidden for the hunt. For example, if you have five children playing and you tell each child to collect one red gem, make sure to have five red gems hidden to find. The winner is the one who is the first one to locate all the items on their list. To begin, make sure to have all the participants start off in the same location and announce “Ready, set, go!
  •  Taming the Wolves. (Minecraft) The object of this game is for Steve (a designated child) to “tame” wild wolves (the remaining players) by “tossing them a bone” (touch-tagging them). Designate a play area for the wolves to run around as they try to keep away from Steve. Each time Steve “tames” a wolf, that wolf is on the same side as Steve and helps recruit other companions by tagging them alongside Steve. To help the players identify Steve, the wild wolves and the tamed wolves, label Steve with a brightly-colored shirt or special identifying object. Have the wild wolves wear ears or tails or do some kind of motion as they run around. When a wolf is tamed, he or she will take the wolf object off or stop doing the motion. You can also use signs or name tags to identify “Steve” and “Wild Wolf”. Tamed wolves can remove their “Wild Wolf” name tag once they are tagged. The winner is the one who remains untagged at the end! The winner can play “Steve” in the next round!
  • Don’t Steal My Blocks! (Minecraft) To begin, players need 3-5 large blocks to build a structure. The object of this game is to have players defend their structures from the “Enderman,” whose job is to steal blocks one by one and get them across a finish line. Start by designating one player to be an Enderman; the rest will be builders who each guard their own 3-to-5-block structure. Start by having each builder stack their blocks into a tower, then turn around and close their eyes. The Enderman then attempts, as quietly and quickly as he can, to steal any block from any tower and get it across the finish line before being tagged. When a builder hears a block being stolen from his tower, he can then get up and chase the Enderman. If the builder tags the Enderman before the finish line, that builder reclaims his block. If the Enderman crosses the finish line, the builder loses that block. A builder is eliminated when all the blocks of his tower have been successfully stolen by the Enderman. Because of this, someone will need to be “refereeing” the game to make the “calls.”
  • Fortnite Matches (Fortnite) Supply the kids with what they need for their own virtual Fortnite match. Hide medkits and supply stations around the play area. Give the kids squirt guns and toy weapons, and set up the party area to resemble one of the twenty-some locations they can be dropped into during the video game. Use sound effects and music to liven up the play. Designate a time for the match to begin and end, and whoever is left standing at the end can be winners or battle it out until there is one victor. Examples for fun toy weaponry could be squirt guns, inflatable swords and hammers, plastic shields, play blow gun sets, Nerf guns and so on.

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