23 Ideas To Make Your Police-Themed Birthday Party Special

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Police parties are extremely popular. And why wouldn’t they be? Almost every little boy (and many little girls) dreams of one day becoming a police officer. He daydreams about earning the badge, arming himself with his gun and cuffs and catching bad guys all over the world. While many boys eventually grow up to pursue different careers, the dream of becoming a policeman is one that carries good intentions and one that should be encouraged and nurtured.

One fun, easy way to do that is with a police-themed birthday party. Easy, fun and inexpensive, a police party can appeal to almost any little boy.

And don’t forget, those who did grow up and pursue their childhood dream of becoming a police officer want to be celebrated, too! A police party is perfect for the real-life hero in your family, whether he (or she) is celebrating a birthday, graduating from the police academy or having an anniversary.

Below you will find tons of great ideas for a police party. From the party favors and decorations to the party food and activities, a police party can be a fun, simple endeavor from beginning to end.

Police Birthday Party Ideas

Police Party Favors

There are a plethora of party favors available for a police party. Some cute, simple and inexpensive police party handouts include:

Some other cool ideas when it comes to the party favors include:

  • Police essentials kit. Make up little welcome kits for the guests upon arrival or departure. Include things like:Police Party Ideas
  • Police dog companions. Give each guest the opportunity to “adopt” a plush police dog when they leave. Put them in a small basket or container and have each guest pick one out on their way out.
  • Police favor boxes. Purchase sets of yellow and blue favor boxes, yellow and blue paint and letter stencils. Paint words like “POLICE”, “SHERIFF” and “DEPUTY” on the boxes using the letter stencils (it’s best if you can find boxier looking stencils in capital letters). Use the yellow paint on the blue boxes and the blue paint on the yellow boxes.
  • Printable name tags. You can search free templates to print out and personalize for each guest! Hand out a name tag to each child upon arrival and allow him or her to customize it as they like with markers or pens. Use safety pins to help children adhere their name tag to their shirt.

Police Party Decorations

Since a police party is such a popular theme, decorating is super-easy! A few fun pre-made decorations include:

Get the adrenaline going with some really cool police party decoration ideas! A few of the best include:

  • Police lineup backdrop
    • You can buy this item online or make one of your own. You need a white sheet or table cloth, black tape and a black sharpie. Create the measurement lines with the tape and label them with your Sharpie. A ruler would probably be helpful with this project too.
  • Mugshot signs
    • This, also, is available for purchase online, or you can create your own. Buy a small black chalkboard from a craft store and some chalk. Create the box outline on the board and write something like “William Police Dept”, “Kid’s Last name, Kid’s First Name”, the date and a number (ex. 750-1125). By doing this with chalk, each child can write his or her name for the picture. Combine with the above backdrop for an awesome photo op!
  • Chalk outline
    • Create the chalk outline of a body on your sidewalk to start up the fun! Have your child or another family member lay down on the sidewalk and point toward the entrance to the house. Outline his or her body with chalk. You can add something like “Crime Solvers this way”.
  • Do Not Cross Tape
    • There are a variety of things you can do with “Do Not Cross” tape! Accent your porch, food table, gifts and other party decorations.
  • Color/theme coordinating
    • Color coordinating your party can be a fantastic way to bring your theme together. For something like police, blue, yellow and red are big theme colors. For more of a jailhouse look, black and white stripes are winning options as well.
  • Jail!
    • Use black or silver streamers and hang them from a doorway, floor length or slightly higher. Create a sign that says something like “Jail” or “Cell D-1”. Great for doorways with heavy traffic. Just tell the guests to be careful not to tear it down!

Police Party Food

Another great way to honor the boys in blue is with police-themed food. Below we’ll walk you through some quick, fun and inexpensive options for setting your food table.


    • Donuts
      • A variety of donuts in any flavor or topping will always be a big hit with the kids!
    • “Cop”-corn
      • This is just popcorn or kettle corn with a fun label
    • Prison pretzels
      • Press pretzel sticks into a semi-melted chocolate rectangle in the shape of a jail cell. Start with two sticks horizontally across the top, then two vertically down on the left side and two on the right, and finally two vertically down the middle. Add another two horizontally across the middle for more bars.
    • “Cop”-cakes
      • This one is pretty easy–police-themed cupcakes! You can buy Police Cupcake Toppers or create your own shapes from fondant. You may be able to order edible police cupcake decorations online.
  • Traffic light snacks
    • Long straight pretzels dipped in chocolate with a red M&M on top, yellow in the middle, and green on the bottom.

Police DIY Cupcake Toppers


  • Ham-burglars
    • Standard hamburgers with a fun name
  • “Cop” dogs (I’m really going overboard with this whole “cop” thing, aren’t I?)
    • Standard hot dogs with a fun name
  • Pigs in a blanket
    • If no one minds the pun! Wrap some mini sausages in crescent rolls (cut each crescent roll strip into three longways) and bake at 375 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes.

Setting your Police Party Table

In addition to themed foods, spice up your police party table even more by adding these cute accents:

Police Party Games & Activities

Perhaps the most important element in a party full of rambunctious little boys is the games and activities. We’ve tracked down a long list of the best games to play at your upcoming police party. Try these:

  • Pin the Badge on the Policeman
    • Obviously akin to Pin the Tail on the Donkey, print out or draw a large-scale version of a cartoon police officer (or a real one if you like), and draw or print out a badge. Use sticky tack on the inside of the badge so that the kids can adhere it to the photo without damaging it.
    • Don’t forget the blindfold to make the game challenging! Take pictures of the funny places that the badge ends up.
  • Cops and Robbers
    • Designate a play area and appoint a policeman. Place an object to be stolen next to the policeman. The rest of the players are robbers. The robbers must attempt to steal the object and get it back across a designated finish line without being “caught”. If the policeman looks at the robber with the object in his hand, points and shouts “Freeze!”, that robber must drop the object where he was standing and he’s out. The rest of the robbers can pick up where the last one left off, and they can pass the object off to one another.
    • This game promotes critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork. Have some of the robbers attempt to distract the policeman or search for places to hide.
    • Once all the robbers are out, the game is over and the policeman wins. If a robber successfully gets the object over the finish line, that robber then becomes the policeman and the game can restart.
  • Jail Favor Bag Craft
    • Using black favor bags, silver crepe streamer paper and glue sticks, have the kids create their own jail cell favor bags!
    • Cut out three strips of silver streamer paper running the length of the bag. Use the glue sticks to adhere one strip to each side, then one evenly down the middle.
    • If you like, have the kids each take a small section of white construction paper and add their own label to their favor bag. They could write something like “Jon’s Jail”, “The Brig”, “The Slammer”, etc. Whatever they like! The labels can go at the tops of the bags to help each child keep track of his or her bag.
  • Hunt Down the Bad Guys
    • A simple but fun activity for young kids is to “find” the bad guys! Draw funny thieving faces on something like ping pong balls and hide them around your yard, home or any large play area. Make sure to hide enough so that all the kids can have fun with it. Give the kids something like a basket or a Police favor bag; whoever can “catch” the most robbers wins!
  • Make-Your-Own Policeman Craft
    • Search the internet and you can find websites that contains fun printable templates to cut out and glue together. There are male & female as well as black/white and colored versions.

Use Discount Party Supplies for Your Next Police Celebration!

We hope the ideas above have helped you get well on your way to throwing the perfect policeman’s bash! While you’re here, be sure to check out our full selection of police party supplies, and have a look at more great content from the DPS team.

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