20 Best Harry Potter Baby Shower Ideas

Looking for the perfect baby shower theme for yourself or a loved one? Harry Potter baby showers are all the rage right now! And why shouldn’t they be; they’re absolutely adorable and Harry Potter party supplies are in plentiful supply! Below we’ll list 20 of the hottest, most affordable baby shower ideas on the Internet. Read on and, once you’re done, don’t forget to say “Mischief Managed!”.

1. A Harry Potter Guestbook

What better way to welcome baby into the world than with a guestbook? Pick up a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and have all the guests sign it! When baby is old enough to read, he or she will definitely appreciate starting out the series with a book signed by all of his baby shower guests! Makes a great keepsake or party decoration. Grab a Scholastic copy here!

2. Butterbeer

Those of us who are Harry Potter fans can all admit it; we’ve always wanted to try Butterbeer! Give your guests that chance at your event! Follow the simple, easy recipe below to turn your guests’ wishes into a reality:

  • ¼ cup butterscotch topping or syrup
  • 32 oz of cream soda
  • 1 qt of vanilla ice cream
  • ½ cup ice to start (add more if needed)

Blend all these ingredients together and disperse as needed. Save the ice for when you’re dispensing the drinks.

3. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans

As a fun favor or snack, hand out Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans! Make it interesting by grabbing some plastic goblets to put out on tables. You can find the beans online.

4. Diagon Alley Signs

Grab some wooden or chalkboard signs from your local craft store and create Diagon Alley signs! Include things like Honeydukes, Ollivander’s and Flourish and Blotts. Any fan of Harry Potter will absolutely love this cute addition to your baby shower!

5. Wanted Photo Booth

Now your guests can have their very own “Wanted” posters! Just in case they want to feel like Sirius Black, set up a large booth with construction paper, stencils and a marker. Include a prisoner number and decorate it how you like.

6. Mandrake Cupcakes

An excellent snack idea for a Harry Potter themed baby shower is Mandrake cupcakes! Use chocolate cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles for the dirt. Buy some little baby figurines and use fondant to shape the roots coming out of its head. You can either do these in green or brown.

7. “Free Dobby Fund” Basket

A creative and easy way to accept gifts from guests is a “Free Dobby” basket! Have people deposit new baby socks, onesies and other newborn clothes in the basket. You can use any basket and make a simple sign like the one shown below.

8. Hedwig Balloons

Know any artists? Another fantastically cute idea for your Harry Potter baby shower is Hedwig balloons! Purchase white latex balloons and draw Hedwig on them. If you aren’t the artist type, recruit someone you know who is! It’s okay if they’re not perfect! All you need is yellow and black markers, but you can decorate Hedwig any way you like.

9. Snitch Snacks

A fun and simple idea for your upcoming new baby celebration is Snitch snacks! Use Ferroro Rochet chocolates in their wrapper to make up the snitch. Cut out and decorate small wings and use the sticker to secure them to the “Snitch”, as shown below.

10. Broomstick Snacks

Use pretzels and cheese to create broomstick snacks for your guests! Small, thick pretzel sticks are best. Take some string cheese and cut off a length from one end. Carefully slice one end into the “straw” for the broom. Leave enough room on the other end to gently push the pretzel stick onto the string cheese so that they’re stuck together. If you like, you can use some sort of tie for a better look, as shown below.

11. Harry Potter Costumes

Have everyone get into the spirit of the shower by handing out simple favors that will add to the fun! Here are some small, inexpensive ideas to include as handouts:

12. Onesie Decorating Contest

For a fun Harry Potter-themed baby shower activity, get some plain white newborn onesies. Hand them out to your guests, as well as many colors of markers to choose from. Have your guests decorate their onesie in a Harry Potter theme. If you like, hold a contest by having your guests vote on which onesie they like the most. This fun, convenient craft results in custom themed clothing for your little one!

13. Hogwarts Letter Invitations

For a super-fun way to get the party started, include a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter in with your invitations! Type one up and customize it with each guest’s name. When the guests arrive, they must present their acceptance letter to you, the Headmaster or Headmistress! If you’re not sure what to include in the letter, get inspiration by browsing the internet 

14. Make-Your-Own Potions

A fun craft idea at the baby shower is a make-your-own potions table. You can do this easily and cost-effectively. Make things like a Polyjuice Potion, Veritaserum and more! 

Use this free potions label printable from PopSugar for all the potions you create!

15. Pin the Scar on the Potter

Kids and adults alike will have fun with this silly activity! Use an online template to create a Harry Potter silhouette and enough scars for each player to “pin” on the face. Using a blindfold, hold a contest to see who can get the closest to Potter’s forehead. It’ll be fun to see all the kooky places the scars end up!  

16. Floating Candles

Use toilet paper rolls and plastic tealight candles to create the effect of floating candles! Paint the toilet paper (or paper towel) rolls white and allow them to try. Use clear tape to adhere the tealight candles to the top of the toilet paper rolls, then hang them from the ceiling using the clear tape.

Afewshortcuts.com has a step-by-step tutorial for floating candles.

17. Harry Potter Table Decorations

One of the coolest and easiest ways to spice up a Harry Potter baby shower is with tableware! Use red, green, yellow and blue table runners on top of black table cloths to “theme” each table as a Hogwarts house. Check out these Harry Potter Dinner Plates, Dessert Plates, Lunch Napkins and 9 oz Cups as your main decoration, then have a look at this gold tableware to add a special accent.

18. Platform 9 ¾

Use a brick backdrop and a printable Platform 9 ¾ sign to recreate the infamous entrance to the Hogwarts Express! Go a step further and grab a large toy train or Hogwarts Express replica to really add to the excitement! If you wish, you can cut the backdrop and use it as the main entrance to your party.

Papertraildesign.com gives a great DIY tutorial to make this happen!

19. Make-Your-Own Patronus Necklace

A fun favor for everyone in attendance of your party is a make-your-own Patronus necklace! You can buy necklace chain and small metal animal figurines for cheap at your local craft store. Set up a station where guests can grab a chain and choose their own Patronus figurine. They will have a special keepsake from your baby shower!

20. Harry Potter Baby Games

Check out printable Harry Potter baby shower games online! Things like “Late Night Diapers”, “Don’t Say Baby” and more are included in this cool printable. You can find some free printables here

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