15 Awesome Homemade Party Centerpieces

Who doesn’t love a party? If you love to throw parties then you have the added responsibility of creating a mood, theme or ambiance for the festivities. Party centerpieces are just the trick – the wilder, the better.

Check out these 15 Awesome Homemade Party Centerpieces. These unique centerpieces were made WITHOUT a party planner and at a fraction of the cost of store bought alternatives! That’s right; with a few party supplies and some inspiration from below, you too can make a fabulous centerpiece for your next party.

1. Mardi Gras


Nothing screams party like a good old fashion Mardi Gras theme. Some tinsel, a couple of masks, fill some tubes with beads – Viola! Bring New Orleans Bourbon Street to your party.

2. Finding Nemo


People get bored waiting for food to arrive but with a fish-in-a-bowl at the center of the table to mesmerize your guests, time will literally “swim” by! Not only is this a very simple-to-make centerpiece, but it can be given away as a prize after the party.

3. Candy Land


Edible centerpieces are trendy because they bring out the inner child in us. With this colorful and tasty lollipop centerpiece, guests enjoy a delightful candy treat as they wait for the festivities to begin. In this case it’s okay to have dessert before the main course.

4. Rock–N-Roll


Bring a little nostalgia to your dance party by purchasing a few 45 rpm single vinyl records. Nothing shouts “having a good time” like a record by Elvis at your table.

5. Pharaohs


Would you believe that this unique pyramid design is made out of Jell-O? Pick the right flavored Jell-O for your color scheme, and then buy a pyramid-shaped mold. That’s all you need to turn your next party into ancient Egypt.

6. Romance


A beautiful rose, a candle holder, and a candle, are all you need to set a romantic party theme (think Valentine’s Day). Sweet simplicity can be romantic and cheap. Once the lights dim in the room and the candles are lit, expect a few intimate moments among your guests.

7. Up, Up and Away


A little helium and a whole lot of balloons create a festive atmosphere to any party theme. This centerpiece is as cheap as they come but very gala-esque once it’s all put together.

8. Strawberries and Chocolate


The moment your guests sit at the table expect these delish delights to go quickly! Both yummy and simple to make, this homemade centerpiece can work for any type of party from birthdays, to anniversaries. to holiday events with the family.

9. De La Plume


Elegant or fu-fu, whatever you want to call it, flowers (in this case Ostrich) combined with a simple vase can make a party centerpiece that truly stands up and is noticed! This unforgettable display, or one like it, would definitely make your party the talk of the town.

10. Texas Hold ‘Em


Add a gambling theme to your next party by personalizing each table for your guests. Just scribble the names of the tablemates directly onto the poker cards and use them as festive placeholders. Even better, your early arrivals can take the bottom decks and play cards while they wait for the festivities to begin.

11. Floating Flowers


Add some 3D elegance to your table with a vase and floating flowers. Not all flowers will work with this homemade centerpiece (rose petals seem a good choice), so make sure to experiment with different varieties. Add a little string inside the vase for that final fantasy touch.

12. Tulips


A great choice for summer parties and events, consider an arrangement with cut tulips and sliced limes. The aroma is delightful and the color presentation is eye-popping. Your guests will call you a genius.

13. Luminous


A homemade centerpiece can look like a million bucks (but be made for $19.99). This display is a vase, white painted twigs, foliage, ribbon and a small white painted flashlight dropped in the center of the vase. Your guests will “ooh” and “ah” but don’t give away your secrets.

14. Delicately Romantic


Wine glasses, candles and flowers and a romantic flair to any party theme. Your guests will marvel at the simplistic beauty and you’ll be dubbed, “Martha Stewart” before the night is over.

15. Crystal Tree


If you want to throw a fancy-snazzy party then this may be the grandstand piece for you. Ladies love fake beads and flowers. Just pick a vase, stuff it with fake ice or white beads, grab some branches, and add some flowers and you’ve created a masterpiece!


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