10 Spoiled Kids Who Hate Their Presents [Videos]

We all remember what it’s like to put on a grateful smile when we get a truly awful gift, especially when all we want to do is cry and stomp our feet, right?

Check out these 10 Spoiled Kids Who Hate Their  Presents video clips all showing a real lack of gratitude…it may make you feel a little more “appreciative” in the future….and some are just freaking hilarious!

1. It’s the Wrong Color!

Poor McKenzie struggles to come to terms with the fundamental problem of her new birthday present. It’s not a blue car, it’s red!

The family wait in excited anticipation for McKenzie to find her new gift parked outside. When all goes drastically wrong, McKenzie tries to explain her predicament with a repetitive ‘Shut Uuup!’ and a few tears.

Daddy tries to tempt McKenzie into giving it a drive, but there is no way that McKenzie would be seen driving that.


2. Truck Makes Teen Mad

The clip in introduced with the words ‘he does not have a mental disorder…he is just really, really hot-tempered’. This gives us a teensy-weensy clue of what is to come…

Stephen is extremely excited about the prospect of his family getting him a truck for his birthday. With a blindfold over his eyes, he has dreams of a shiny new motor vehicle. ‘Surprise’!’ his family excitedly shouts. ‘Do you like it?’  Stephen stands sullenly looking at a second-hand used truck, with damaged paintwork.

Stephen’s reaction could not be predicted… his family defensively shout, in reference to the truck ‘yeah, but its something  you can beat up, you don’t have have to worry about scratches or anything…’. When you watch the clip, it may seem that Stephen took this a little bit too seriously.

Hilariously funny, and a little bit frightening!

3. Guitar Hero Knockoff!

Remember what is was like to really want something for Christmas from Santa, and then only receiving something that resembled it? If not this should jog your memory.

After patiently watching the rest of his family open and gratefully receive their gifts, John rushes to rip the paper off his present. To find a cheap version of guitar hero, ‘Guitar Star’!

He remains silent throughout the clip, and even tries to give it a go…until it all gets a bit too much.


4. Not a Fan of Sponge Cake!

A smiling mother walks slowly in to her young son’s birthday party, singing happy birthday and carefully balancing a birthday cake .

Halfway through the song, the boy smashes the cake out of her hand, and hilariously screams an obscenity, that no one expects!

Very Rockstar, very funny!

5. Don’t throw your present!

Ahhh. This clip starts off with a nice little family set-up at Christmas time. The parents excitedly waiting for their young children to open their gifts.

The littlest one (besides the cat) starts to tear the paper off the gift. He takes a few moments to consider its worth, and smacks the gift in his dad’s face!

Do you reckon he likes it?!

So cute, so funny, and so painful!

6. Sweet Sixteen Ruined by Lamborghini

This clip shows Jasmine, about to celebrate her ‘Sweet Sixteen’ being presented a gift from her dad, a Lamborghini. Jasmine rapidly and dramatically rants something about her car, calling it a dinosaur from the 20s and complaining about the color.

This clip effectively captures a real spoiled brat in action!

7. Poor Kid

This poor kid believe he has hit the jackpot, he opens it slowly with an expectant smile uncovering an Xbox! (Or so he thinks…)
He rushes to open the box…to uncover just a simple sweater.

This one is actually a real tear-jerker, as we watch, the poor kid start to cry! (Note: the kid did get the Xbox, but that’s another video all together.)

8. No Candles! Or Cake!

This kid really does not like candles, or apparently to be sung to. He decides he doesn’t like his cake either.

9. No Ballerinas for Her

This child is extremely upset over her Ballerina, enough to push it away and throw a tantrum.

10. Do NOT Give This Kid Money

Kid rages over the fact that he “only got FIFTY BUCKS” for Christmas!

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