10 Helpful Tips For Planning Parties In Small Spaces

Parties can be expensive and sometimes you can’t afford to rent out a space! One question some of us encounter when planning a party is, “Do I have enough space to host a party without it being too crowded?” We’ve got some tips and ideas for those who are worried or stressed about throwing a party in a smaller space! Scroll down to get started.


#1 Decorations

When planning your decorations for a party in a small space, think less is more. Don’t think you need every table, counter space, and shelves to be covered in sophisticated centerpieces or bouquet. Keep your decor subtle and out of the way by hanging things up. Try hanging garland of any kind across the walls or doorways or small balloons that drape over your tables.

#2 Garbage

Some people think it’s unattractive to have your trash can visible at a party but they’re very wrong. If you’re at a party and you can’t find a garbage can anywhere near, what is your first instinct? Probably to set it down on the closest table or any type of surface, let’s be honest. So, with that being said, keep your trash cans out and visible for your guests and make sure to empty them during the party when they get full! By keeping them visible, you won’t have to worry about picking up as many plates, cups and napkins the next day. And your guests won’t be taking up counter space that you could be using.

#3 Party Color Scheme

You may not know this yet…but the colors and designs of your party scheme does effect how your room feels! If you walk into a small space with animal prints or tie dye decor or party supplies, it gives you a lot of anxiety because there’s a lot going on already and those definitely aren’t helping. Keep your color scheme simple and avoid crazy patterns. Monochromatic colors are a great idea and it creates a more modern and refined look that your guests will be sure to love. If you don’t know what monochromatic means, it’s using one color and using the shades of that color ( green = dark green, green, light green, white, etc.)

#4 Number of People

We think this is common sense but you’d be surprised. Do not invite more people than your home can hold! Even though we’re giving you tips on how to throw a party in small spaces that doesn’t mean you invite your whole contact list just because. So, don’t go overboard. That was your little reminder that you can’t fit the world in your home.

#5 Extra Objects

If you’ve got a lot of random decorations or small furniture, it adds up and takes up more space than you think. If you’ve got a closet or room guests aren’t going to be using then put them away while you’re having your party because this will create a lot more open space for guests to wander a have conversations.

#6 Temperature

Nobody wants to be uncomfortable at any type of party and everybody knows a lot of bodies in a room equals a lot of body heat…especially in a small space. You want your guests to be comfortable and enjoy themselves at your party so make sure you keep windows open or crank up the air conditioner. Fans will also help circulate the air around the room and keep your guests cool.

#7 Other Rooms

If you’re planning to have quite a few people at your party, you don’t want your guests to feel crowded like sardines. Keep other rooms open so people can go somewhere else if they’re feeling a little overwhelmed. You can also have things set up in different room like board/card games or a special drink that is designated to each open room. This will give your party guests a sense of freedom because they won’t be stuck in one room the whole night.

#8 Food Setup

What’s one important thing that keeps your guests happy? FOOD! More food the merrier. If you’ve got a smaller place, you tend to have limited counter and table space. Our tip to you is serve up. What that means is use things like tiered serving trays to prevent crowding. This means that you’ll be able to have more of the good stuff at your party!

#9 Furniture

It is important to make sure your guests can move about the party area freely. If possible, move all your couches, chairs and table to the walls so it creates a more open area.

#10 It’s Lit

Lighting is so so so important in any room, especially in a smaller space. The brighter the room, the bigger the room feels and it creates a more energized space for your guests. If your party is during the day, open up the blinds and let the light shine in. But if you’re planning your party later at night, break out the lamps and brighten the room up!

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