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Get your cheap cake decorations. Birthday cake supplies have probably been around as long as cakes have been in existence, which is a long time. In fact, the word “cake” is Viking in origin and from the Old Norse word “kaka” (Does anyone else find it odd that the word “cake” evolved from a warlike culture primarily remembered for their pillaging?). Of course, other cultures were making cakes, but they just called them by other names.

The Greeks used goat’s milk to produce cheesecakes. The Romans sweetened their breads with honey, eggs, and butter. The early English made various breads that were crude forms of cake, and the Spanish came up with the sponge cake during the Renaissance. I’m not sure when the fruit cake came about or if anyone is willing to take credit for it.

The invention of modern ovens with temperature control, along with the better availability of baking soda and baking powder, allowed cake making to become much easier. This helped make them more prominent and more important for various celebrations. More recently, the popularity and adoption of fondant has allowed bakers to make more and more amazing cake creations. This has also spawned a number of TV reality shows about cake decorating.


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