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1st Birthday Party Supplies will help make the memories of your special boy or girl’s special day even more memorable! Whether you’re looking for traditional cute first birthday themes or something new and charming, our selection of over 40 1st birthday themes will have what you need.

1st Birthday Party Planning Tips

First Birthday parties are as much a party for the parents as they are for the child. It’s been a year of wonder, growth and change—for everyone -- so celebrate. Chances are your child won’t remember the big day, but you will. And the photos with baby in a "1st Birthday" hat in front of their first birthday cake (or covered in it!) will be priceless down the road. Here are some 1st Birthday party planning tips to go along with the 1st Birthday Party Supplies to help you celebrate this very special milestone birthday.

Pick a theme: Picking a theme will help you plan all of the first birthday party decorations for your party. You can choose a theme centered around your child’s favorite character, animal, or story book...browse through our selection of 1st Birthday Party Supplies to find just what you are looking for. We have you covered for all of your party supply needs, including invitations, tableware, decorations, thank you cards, and goodie bags.

You can't go wrong with lots of bright colors and balloons. Opt for foil, or Mylar, balloons instead of latex to avoid choking hazards for kids under 8. If you are using latex balloons, keep them out of reach of young children and provide appropriate adult supervision for safety's sake.

Make a slideshow to highlight baby's 1st year and show it during the party. Guests of all ages will enjoy seeing pictures of how much baby has changed in one short year! Add some favorite music to the slideshow to make it even more personal. Make copies of the slideshow to give to grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc...as a party favor. We guarantee it will be a treasured keepsake!

Create a Play Place: Many of the babies in this age range are still on all fours, so baby-proof a play zone filled with age-appropriate toys for your little guests Inflatable Zoo Animal Hammers . Set chairs around the zone for parents to relax and watch. You could also set up a craft table with washable art supplies for the kids that are a little older.

Timing is Everything: Plan the party to last an hour to an hour-and-a-half. Babies have short attention spans and run out of energy and interest quickly. Plan the party for late morning or late afternoon -- pre- or post-nap -- when your child won't be overly tired. Enlist a volunteer to video the party and take candid photos for you so that you can participate in all the party activities.

Planning your menu: Since you will probably have guests of all ages, plan one basic menu for the majority of the guests, and have some kid friendly options available for the littler guests.

The Cake: Let's face it; the highlight of any 1st Birthday party is the cake!! We suggest that you opt for two cakes, one small cake for the guest of honor and one for everybody else. Who doesn't love to watch a baby try to blow out a birthday candle? They are so cute and it usually takes multiple tries for them to get it right. This is why we suggest two cakes....

Remember, 1st Birthday Party Supplies at Discount Party Supplies are perfect for that first birthday!


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